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Kerapac flying off to Orthen

Orthen, which means "first city" in the language of the Dragonkin according to Charos, is a city on Anachronia.[1] It is the first home of the Dragonkin on Gielinor.[2] Not much is currently known about it, except that Kerapac's first laboratory is located there[3] and that he needs something located on Orthen,[4] possibly something called the crucible,[5] to save all life in the universe by sacrificing all life on Gielinor.[6] Kerapac retreated to Orthen after the quest Desperate Times flying east from the peninsula where the Needle was located, west of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony.[7] It appears to predate Guthix's arrival to Gielinor, and is so old that at least one dragonkin believed it to be a myth.[8]

References[edit | edit source]

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