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Senntisten, also known as "Holy City", was the capital city of the Zarosian Empire, which existed during the Second and Third Ages. According to modern archaeological findings, Senntisten occupied the rough area east of modern-day Varrock and parts of Silvarea, making it one of the largest known cities in history.[1] Senntisten is also home to The Empty Throne Room, the place where Zamorak and his accomplices overthrew Zaros near the end of the Second Age.

Senntisten continued to function as capital beyond the Second Age, and managed to survive into the late part of the Gielinorian God Wars, with rivaling gods battling over the territories surrounding it. The city's hopes were crushed however, as Zamorakian and Saradominist armies allied in a final attempt to conquer the jewel of the Zarosian empire.

City of Senntisten concept art from RuneFest 2019, which shows each of the historical periods of Senntisten.

History[edit | edit source]

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Senntisten today[edit | edit source]

The recently excavated intact part of the city.

Although Varrock now exists where Senntisten's western walls once stood, the eastern portions of the city are currently being excavated by the Varrock Museum. During the The Dig Site, players discover a cavern beneath the ruins where the remains of a Zarosian altar still exist. The ruins still appear to possess some dark energy, as evidenced by Tolna's claims during A Soul's Bane.

Those with the knowledge of Ancient Magicks can utilise a Zarosian spell, Senntisten Teleport, to teleport here, provided they have 60 Magic, 2 Law runes and one Soul rune. The Dig Site pendant, which uses the same teleportation channel, also can be used.

During The Temple at Senntisten quest player assists Azzanadra, in the guise of Dr Nabanik, in restoration of the Temple and establishing communication with Zaros.

During the Sixth Age, a mysterious monolith appeared in the area, becoming the sole point of interest for the newly built Archaeology Guild, eventually bringing a battle in with Zaros' attempts to claim it to solve the Elder God problem on his own. Around the start of this battle, Acting Guildmaster Reiniger also discovered an ancient door west of Gulvas Mansion, where it is implied that it would lead to an intact part of the capital that had been concealed for thousands of years.

Discovery[edit | edit source]

Following the battle for the Codex, Reinger and her team managed to dig out an entrance to an intact part of the capital. Azzanadra, realising they could use it in their stand against the Elder Gods, asked the World Guardian to accompany him to the site. They dug their way through what was left and dispelled a barrier, leading to the city.

Unlike the other parts of the city, it remained mostly intact, which Azzanadra assumed that their defenders had managed to hold the enemy off before being buried, as such prominent Zarosian landmarks would have been destroyed by Zamorak or Saradomin. By the time it was discovered, most of its inhabitants were dead, save for a very select few that had been kept in a state of torpor.

Azzanadra, remembering the times of the past, stated that this area of the capital was a more defended one due to its significant places of interest. Players can only explore the northern and western sections; the other two are cut off, and to the far west of the accessible section is a closed gate leading to the city's colosseum.

As a result of Azzanadra taking the eggs from the Elder Halls, the Elder Gods are sending their forces into the city to reclaim the eggs on their behalf.

Accessible areas[edit | edit source]

Senntisten Temple[edit | edit source]

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The temple section of the city consists of two separate areas which can be accessed by operating winches in the Varrock Dig Site. The one directly north of the mysterious monolith leads to a small cave with Doug Deeping and arcenia roots, used in The Dig Site quest. The winch in the north-eastern portion of the site leads to the main temple area, where the stone tablet revealing the name of Zaros is discovered during The Dig Site quest. At that point the area features only a number of skeletons. The temple is restored in the course of The Temple at Senntisten and afterwards features Altar of Zaros, which Azzanadra used to reestablish contact with Zaros and which can be used to activate Ancient Curses. The renovated area also includes skeletons.

The Empty Throne Room[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Empty Throne Room

In the eastern part of the Varrock Dig Site, just north of the Screening station, lies the entrance to the Zarosian throne room. At the end of the Second Age Zamorak started his rebellion in that area, by seemingly killing Zaros with the Staff of Armadyl and ascending to godhood. Those events can be witnessed through Kharshai's memories during Children of Mah. In present day it has been uncovered by archaeologists and a number of skilling features can be found within, with a chance of finding Senntisten scrolls.

Cathedral of Azzanadra area[edit | edit source]

A largely intact portion of the city surrounding the Cathedral of Azzanadra was discovered by Acting Guildmaster Reiniger before the Battle of the Monolith and accessed in the course of City of Senntisten. It was in close proximity to the palatial district and was described as affluent, highly gentrified and thus well protected. It was proposed by Azzanadra as stronghold against attacks from the Elder Gods which would follow after their eggs have been moved from the Elder Halls to the Cathedral. A northern segment, between the Cathedral and the entrance features a large forum. Southern and eastern portions are currently inaccessible. Western area is plagued by dangerous shadows, which need to be kept at bay with light globes during the search for protective wards for the Cathedral. This section houses an avernic arsenal, a blood bank and the Inquisition headquarters, as well as an open market. A colosseum can be seen further west, behind an inaccessible gate.

Insane asylum[edit | edit source]

During the Second Age mahjarrat Nabor oversaw Senntisten's insane asylum. Among its patients was a survivor of the Glory of Zaros incident, agitating other prisoners by cries of Xau-Tak, as well as Cthonian demon Senecianus, driven mad after eating a little girl. At some point, as implied by Sliske, Nabor was locked up in his asylum, missing out on many rituals and possibly dying. Senecianius remained locked inside until modern times, when he was accidentally freed by Ingram, new owner of the Gulvas Mansion on top of the asylum. A part of the asylum is accessible during Broken Home, where the player looks for a way to stop hauntings in the mansion.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The city's name appears to be derived from the Hungarian phrase Szent Isten, meaning "holy god".

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Azzanadra, "The Temple at Senntisten", RuneScape. "Above us, long ago, stood the glorious city of Senntisten. Huge towers loomed over the pass leading to Morytania, giant stone sentinels watching over the prize of Zaros's empire."