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This article is about First Age period. For the equipment, see First age outfit.

The First Age, also known as The Age of Creation, is the first era of the history of RuneScape.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Virtually nothing is known of the First Age, as it ended roughly 8,000 years ago. The only things that are known is that it is the period after Guthix discovered Gielinor and brought Seren and various races to it, including humans. It ended when Guthix descended deep underground and began his long sleep until the end of the God Wars.

Gielinor in its splendour during the first age.

Major events and information[edit | edit source]

  • Year 1 - Guthix discovers Gielinor and brings various races through.
  • Seren arrives on Gielinor. She is currently the only known deity besides Guthix to be actively involved with Gielinor during the First Age.
  • Seren clears some of the area of northern forest of Isafdar and constructs the Tower of Voices in the middle of it, laying the foundation of Prifddinas.
  • World Gate is opened.
  • Elves arrived on Gielinor.
  • Construction of Prifddinas is completed.
  • According to Laura, "short folks of varying kinds" existed in Gielinor during that time.
  • The first humans stepped through the Portal of Life, which Jack describes as one with "a great many people" and "far less strange...people and scientific laws." Guthix appears before the first humans of Gielinor and tells them to use, not abuse, their new world. They are seen in Meeting History and observed by the elf Haluned.
  • Guthix uses the power of the Stone of Jas to create the Magic of Gielinor itself, imbuing it within Runestones which he scatters all over the land, allowing sentient races to practice the mystic arts.
  • Year 4000 (approx.) - Guthix descends deep underground, beginning his slumber lasting about 6000 years. This marks the end of the First Age.

Elder-dragons[edit | edit source]

An alternate theory proposed in the Book of Folklore links the creation and 'life-force' of Gielinor with the existence of an ancient race of creatures known as the Elder-dragons. As long as the Elder-dragons remained, the world would continue, though the extinction of the aforementioned Dragons would result in the "end of the world."

The Elder-dragon theory is not widely known, nor popular with sceptics, believing it to have been created to throw doubt on the idea of Gielinor being barren before the gods arrived.

In reality, the Elder-dragons are merely the first dragons to have existed. The only known Elder-dragon is the Queen Black Dragon.

The elves' arrival[edit | edit source]

Although historical texts differ on the exact timeline of the elves, many scholars believe the elves arrived some time in the First Age through the World Gate. The elves, who had come from another world, were led through the gate by Seren, who brought them into Tirannwn.

Once there, Seren brought the elves to a massive clearing in the forest of Isafdar, where she had created the legendary Tower of Voices from Crystal. Here the elves constructed Prifddinas, one of Gielinor's first cities and the oldest settlement still in existence today.

The World Gate[edit | edit source]

The "World Gate" was one of Gielinor's greatest mysteries. Very few texts speak of it, although it is known to have existed in the First Age. It is through the gate that the elves were led, although others may have arrived through it as well.

The World Gate was taken by Zaros and eventually sealed during the Second Age. The World Gate serves as a pathway or a link between several key worlds along the elemental path of planets from Freneskae to Gielinor. This may once have been one of the few ways to enter Gielinor, but during the Second Age and God Wars the barriers may have been weakened.

During the Sixth Age, the World Gate was uncovered by the adventurer, and used to travel to Freneskae during the events of Fate of the Gods. It is later used to travel to Kethsi and Tarddiad.