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Phalaks is a Dactyl Dragonkin and a former student of Kerapac, responsible for creating the King Black Dragon and his successor, Verak Lith.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Like the rest of the Dragonkin, Phalaks survived The Great Revision by hiding in the Abyss, and was subsequently bound to the Stone of Jas afterwards.

Phalaks originally created the King Black Dragon in an attempt to replicate Kerapac's project that saw the creation of the first dragon. While the King was smaller, weaker and less intelligent than the Queen, Kerapac believed that this area was worth investigating and had the two breed.[2] This was a failure, but Kerapac restrained himself from killing Phalak's creation, releasing it into the wilds.[3]

Dragonkin Laboratory[edit | edit source]

Some time after this, Kerapac invited Phalaks back to work for him along with his son Vicendithas in order to create a dragon strong enough to seal or destroy Kranon.[4] Phalaks suggested harnessing the power of the white dragons to accomplish this, with Kerapac accepting his proposal.[5][6] Working with Vicendithas, they manage to create a prototype for a new breed of dragon. It provided mixed results, however, and eventually it was driven mad by its own power.[7][8]

Vicendithas does not trust Phalaks, describing him as "damnable" and a "lying snake".[9][10] Phalaks in turn does not like Vicendithas, being dismissive of his ethics.[11]

Moving on from this small setback, Phalaks returned to an older project: a successor to his original creation. Since it had been completed before their arrival to their laboratory, he requested to be allowed to continue its development in order to accelerate its growth and toughness.[12]

The dragon, Verak Lith became stronger and more ferocious, but it had one critical flaw: it was unable to reproduce. Any eggs that it fertilised, the hatchlings would burn themselves due to their unceasing rage and over-advanced flame-sacs. Phalaks only learned of this after Kerapac insisted that Verak Lith attempt to reproduce, which much to his chagrin led to thousands of dragon eggs going to waste. From Phalaks' point of view, Kerapac had destroyed his work. He resigned from the project and parted ways with Kerapac after this, apparently on bad terms, as he recalled Kerapac spearing a student in the throat for no apparent reason and did not want to share that fate.[13][14] Phalaks returned to his own laboratory near Kerapac's greatest creation in order to continue studying her, gaining vital information.[15] His lab was kept safe despite recent human activity during the Fifth Age, as the entrance was sealed tight; his only worry were grotworms that were roaming the area.

Discovery[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Hero's Welcome.

The corrupted Dragonkin Tarshak came to Phalaks seeking help after he absorbed V's energy through the Elder Mirror, tearing open the entrance to his laboratory. Phalaks initially disbelieved his story, trying to send him off to Kerapac to mend their relationship.[16] Tarshak was able to sense a human's presence due to his mutations, and Phalaks was surprised that Tarshak was telling the truth. However, the situation escalated, prompting him to throw a poisoned dragonbane dart at Tarshak in an attempt to defuse it. To his surprise, Tarshak survived the assassination attempt, but was driven off by the human, who then proceeded to ask him several questions. Phalaks deduced that Tarshak probably went back to his "sanctum" in Brimhaven Dungeon.[17]

He later contacted Kerapac, who also brought fellow Dactyl Silkath to study Tarshak's body, but soon became involved in an argument with the Necrosyrtes, although he collected some samples after the scuffle.

Working with the Abomination's tissue, he discovered that on a cellular level, the muscle and bone were integrated that the bone could flex like muscles, and that it was resistant to age and decay. He believed that it would create interesting products, but his attempts to find a needle and thread for the tissue failed. Upon returning to Tarshak's sanctum, he found numerous humans mining banite ore, capturing several of them for further experiments. He also noted that the Abomination was still "alive", as it retained most of its bodily functions, and also discovered that it was capable of minor regeneration. Phalaks intended to graft a head to the body to give it mobility and control, though his attempts were not successful.[18]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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