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Lasthes is a Necrosyrte dragonkin and the daughter of Forcae. Like all Dragonkin, she presumably comes from the previous revision of the universe, and escaped the revision by hiding in the Abyss, but was then bound to the Stone of Jas by Jas.

Unlike her father, who became one of the Dactyl and sought to free the Dragonkin from being bound to the Stone of Jas, Lasthes became a Necrosyrte and gave in to her desire to destroy the False Users and cause destruction. Her father deemed her a failure for this, and later named one of his adamant dragons after her, remarking that the dragon was more of a child than his daughter.

Whether or not she is still alive is unknown.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Lasthes is the first known female Dragonkin.