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The Relic Powers interface at the mysterious monolith.

Relic powers can be unlocked by offering various relics at the mysterious monolith.

Players are able to have up to 3 of their unlocked relic powers active at one time. All members relic powers do not work on free-to-play worlds. If playing on a free-to-play world with members-only relic powers active, they have no effect.

Harnessing relic powers costs chronotes and monolith power, and is done via the mysterious monolith. Relic powers have no upkeep cost and are permanently active. The chronotes cost to harness a relic power will always be the required monolith power times 20. Monolith power has a maximum limit of 500 which is unlocked at level 90.

The maximum monolith power can be upgraded several times by completing special research, each of them requiring specific qualifications. These upgrades are listed in the following table.

Level Qualification required Research required Monolith power
5 Intern N/A 150
40 Assistant Mysterious Monolith: Existence 250
70 Associate Mysterious Monolith: Architecture 400
90 Professor Mysterious Monolith: Symbology 500

Unharnessing a relic power has a confirmation prompt, but overriding an existing relic power with a new one does not.

List of relic powers[edit | edit source]

Combat powers[edit | edit source]

Skilling powers[edit | edit source]

Luck Enhancers[edit | edit source]

Experience Multipliers[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 14 April 2020 (Update):
    • If you have the Berserker's Fury relic power active while wearing a full Dharok's set, the Dharok's set effect will be applied instead of the relic power.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During RuneFest 2019's Archaeology demo, three additional relic powers were shown, which were not released with Archaeology. In addition, Pharm Ecology was called "Healthy Herbs" and only affected herbs, while Luck of the Dwarves was not included as a relic at all.
    • Lingering Death: Stunning the target refreshes the player's bleed effects.
    • Death note: All guaranteed bones and demonic ashes drops are automatically noted.
    • Set Reduction: Set effects require 1 less item to activate.