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The Survivor's Journal, written by Irwinsson Siglison, is a book which can be found in a bag near the shipwreck on the western coast of Anachronia, alongside the broken compass and if destroyed after completing A New Direction it can be found in the bookcase of a player-owned house.

After showing it to Irwinsson, who barely recognises the journal, it has no use and can be destroyed.

Book info[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Entry 1

What do you know? Turns out those museum folk are good for something! It's not somewhere I'd usually have gone but my good mate Brodie mentioned it and I had to visit him - over a few beers of course!

We were chatting and he mentions some barge they'd been building for years. Trying to get to a place they're calling Fossil Island. I tell you what, they're not very creative for an educated bunch...

Apparently when they get there it's going to lead to some of the most incredible discoveries the world has ever seen. When you say it like that, it makes you wonder why they haven't gone yet then.

I can't stop thinking about it. With all the problems at home, maybe this is the perfect chance for me to get away.

I need to sleep now. Brodie can still drink me under the table, but I put up a respectable effort at least.

Entry 2

I dreamt about the island last night. I was stood on the bow of a ship, heading for a new land and its size overwhelmed me. The mountains towered over me, made me feel small and I could feel myself grinning. A huge grin, bigger than I think I ever have.

As the boat hit the shallows, I felt myself leap out the boat and ran the rest of the way there. I landed on the beach, felt the sand between my toes and as I looked forward, I saw a path leading into the heart of the jungle.

Sometimes you've gotta take a leap of faith, right?

With things not improving at home, I now know what I have to do.

Entry 3

It's been a while since I wrote in here.

I'm not very good at writing a journal to be honest, especially when there's so much going on in life to keep me busy. I'd much rather tell a tale after, preferably over a drink. I'm not sure I'll get a chance to tell this tale or have that drink so I guess this will have to do.

After that dream a few months ago, I set about preparing for my adventure.

First, I needed a boat and supplies, but I've never been particularly rich. Luckily, I'm a decent hunter and I set about honing my skills catching grenwalls, chinchompas and whatever else crossed my path. Hunter supplies fetch a decent price and I was able to sell them to adventurers easily.

I moved into a room above a pub and sold my house. I started catching and cooking my own food. Anything to save money basically - the quicker, the better in my head.

I purchased a vessel at a decent price - bit damaged but I've never been afraid of hard work and I got her patched up pretty quick. I loaded her up and then I was pushing off and that was it. I was in the waters, tracking towards the north-east with a belly full of dreams of what was to come.

The first few days were decent sailing, but it's all gone downhill since then. It started with the surreal - I was sunbathing on the deck of the boat and I hear this big BOOM!

I look up and there's this figure flying overhead. I didn't have enough time to fully make out what it was, disappearing as quick as it appeared, I'm still not sure if that was real or in my head.

Before I'd be questioning my sanity, but that was before the gods came back. Since then the amount of weird stuff happening on Gielinor... let's just say the doomsayers are gathering the crowds a lot more these days.

I'm getting close to the island now, I can make out the outline of it in the distance.

But a storm has gathered, out of nowhere can I add, and the island seems to be the heart of the storm. It's too late to turn back now, my supplies would run out before I made it back, so it looks like onwards is the only way to go.

This isn't natural weather. I ain't no fool. Something magic is going on here, maybe I've stumbled on the lair of the gods. Maybe this is why no one has come out this way before. I guess I'll find out soon enough anyway.

The waters are throwing the boat about. A load of my cargo was thrown overboard an hour back. I'm a fool for thinking this was something I could ever do. Perhaps my father was right. Maybe I really am a failure after all.

If someone, somehow finds this journal, please tell my father, Sigli, I am sorry. And please, give me a decent send off.

Have a drink for me.

Actually... drink until you pass out.

I'll see you on the other side.

Entry 4

I survived.

I actually survived!

I'm not sure how, but I mush have someone looking out for me out there.

As the storm built, I was thrown across the room and hit my head on a table which knocked me out. It REALLY hurts! Did a right number on my handsome looks!

I seem to have shipwrecked on the island. I ventured out and it's unlike anything I've ever seen before. There are discoveries aplenty to be had, but without a boat I'll have nothing to show for it if I can't make it back.

And that's even if I survive. There are creatures on the island... BIG creatures. I haven't seen them yet and they haven't seen me, but I've heard them and felt them. When they walk near, I can feel the tremors.

I'm going to have to venture out into the bush at some point if I'm to survive. I need fresh food and water soon.

I said I wanted an adventure. Well, mate, you got yourself one of massive proportions.

Here's hoping it's worth it.

Entry 5

I forgot this book existed.

Every day. Every hour. Every minute. Every second.

I have to survive.

If I let my defences down in any way, I'm going to end up dead.

Why did I come here?

What possessed me to think this was a good idea?

I have no idea how long I've been here anymore.

If feels like days. It feels like years.

I have to go on, but I don't know how.

With every waking second I feel myself descending into madness. I hear voices and I see things.

I think it's something to do with the water.

Every time I drink, I feel myself slip away, deeper into the rabbit hole. I don't want to drink it. I know it is not good for me but I need to survive.

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