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Screening stations can be found at the Varrock Dig Site, also known as the Archaeology Guild. This station is used to screen soil to find Archaeology materials, and rarely artefacts. Players can screen up to 100 of their soil at a time with each piece of soil taking 1.8 seconds (1.2 seconds with a complete master archaeologist's outfit).

Different soils yield the same amount of Archaeology experience. The amount of experience gained and chance of obtaining a material per soil screened varies depending on the player's Archaeology level:

Archaeology Level Experience
1 1
38 3
71 5
93 12
111 20

The northern and eastern meshes will use wet screening while the southern and western will use dry screening, with examine messages "A mesh used for wet screening." and "A mesh used for dry screening.", respectively. There is no difference between the two types of screening other than visual animations.[1]

There is also an Invention blueprint named auto-screener v1.080 that players can use to screen their soil as they excavate it.

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