Golden poison frog

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Golden poison frogs are frogs found between the Oculi apoterrasaur and Asciatops hunting grounds, and also in a Big Game Hunter session. The ones located in the overworld cannot be attacked, despite possessing a combat level of 42.

During Big Game Hunter they can be extracted for their poison while having wooden spears in the inventory to create a poisoned variant of the wooden spear. Each dinosaur in Big Game Hunter will have an instanced affinity to each of the three poison frogs. The dinosaur's weakness will do 30,000 damage, the average poison will do 15,000 damage, and the poison the dinosaur is resistant to will only do 7,500 damage. Players must determine which poison frog provides the most potent poison for the dinosaur. The best poison changes between encounters, but will remain the same if the player continues the current encounter. With a Tier 3 Hunter Lodge at the base camp, only two versions will spawn in each encounter making it easier to determine the dinosaur's weakness.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • They were supposed to be an assignable task from Vannaka, but time constraints preventing them from being attacked. On release, players could be assigned this task, but would be unable to complete it. This was fixed sometime later and any Anachronia frog tasks that were assigned were removed.