Materials (Archaeology)

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The material storage container’s interface.

Archaeology materials (colloquially mats) are skilling resources found at various Archaeology dig sites and locations around Gielinor by excavating excavation hotspots and material caches. Materials are tradeable and used for restoring artefacts, which also provide Archaeology experience. The amount and type of different materials required to restore a particular artefact will vary for each artefact. Once collected, these materials can be stored in the player's material storage container, which can be accessed from the archaeologist's workbenches found at each dig site.

Material caches[edit | edit source]

Material caches yield one single type of material used in Archaeology.

Caches are not instanced and can be interacted with by multiple players - depleting similarly to trees. The higher level the cache, the longer it will take to respawn.

Most materials have at least two distinct cache locations: one within a thematically-related dig site, and one outside of a dig site. Excavating material caches located at dig sites can also yield soils of that dig site. Certain cache locations require quests to access.

Material storage container[edit | edit source]

Dig sites each feature access to the player's material storage container, which initially can hold up to 25 different kinds of materials. Signs of the porter, including grace of the elves, will send gathered materials straight to this container.

Depending upon player's qualification, storage quantity can be upgraded to 30 slots with Assistant after reaching level 40, 35 slots with Associate after reaching level 70, and 40 slots with Professor after reaching level 90.

Excluding imperial iron and purpleheart wood, there are total 16 types of materials usable at level 40, 24 types of materials usable at level 70, 35 types of materials usable at level 90, and 40 types of materials usable at level 99.

Other ways to store[edit | edit source]

Where there are no storage containers, it is possible to use signs of the porter or magic notepaper. Both will bank or note materials; however, neither works with artefacts. A sign of the porter first attempts to transfer materials into the material storage container. If this is not possible, it transfers them into the bank.

List of materials[edit | edit source]

In all, there are ten materials for the Agnostic (general) faction and five materials for each culturally specific faction, plus two tutorial materials. See each individual material page to see the exact locations and required Archaeology levels for each excavation hotspot and material cache.