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This article is about the dinosaur sub-class. For the player-owned farm animals, see Varanusaur (player-owned farm).

Varanusaurs are a sub-class of dinosaurs found on Anachronia.

History[edit | edit source]

They were discovered by the Nodon hunter Varanus when the dragonkin were beginning to settle in Gielinor. At the time he was working with an Aughra mystic and taxonomist, Skeka, who named them after him.[1] While at first they proved to be wild and aggressive, Varanus was eventually able to tame them, using a hunting pack of varanusaurs to assist him when he tracked larger prey.[2]

One varanusaur in particular, an hypnotic dinosaur, bonded with Varanus to the point that it not only felt comfortable in his presence, but regularly had Varanus give it belly scratches; a stark contrast to their usually vicious nature.[3] When Varanus captured the Raksha and was in turned poisoned by it in a last act of spite, he allegedly succumbed to his wounds and was interred in a crypt that would come to bear his name. Because of the friendship that had formed between them, Varanus bequeathed his pet hypnotic dinosaur to Skeka,[4] who allowed it to roam freely in her outpost and occasionally studied it. One day she took it to visit the crypt of its former master, upon which it laid down next to his tomb and refused to leave.[5]

After Kerapac used the Needle during the Sixth Age to bring a past version of Anachronia forward in time, human explorers sent by the Varrock Museum set foot upon the island for the first time in recorded history. This version of Anachronia was filled with wild flora and fauna the likes of which humans had never seen before, varanusaurs among them. They proved so fierce that only experienced slayers could hope to face them in combat and survive. Eventually, however, the humans were able to raise varanusaur hatchlings in a small farm off the west coast of Anachronia, with Laniakea, a Slayer Master, gaining interest in buying them off any farmer who would sell them to her.

Species[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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