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The aquatic jadinko is a creature found in the Herblore Habitat, in the southern portion, as well as on Anachronia. It requires 76 Hunter to trap. When caught, it gives 570 Hunter experience, an aquatic vine (used for making juju fishing potions), and a chance at vine flower seeds.

To attract this jadinko players must plant a red vine blossom, a kalferberry bush, apple tree and build a pond habitat. In addition, a juju hunter potion must be poured on the blossom.

Although this jadinko may be trapped at level 76 hunter, the Juju hunter potion needed to catch it requires corrupt vines as an ingredient. While regular players can buy the juju hunter potion, Ironmen can only obtain corrupt vines by tracking diseased jadinkos which require level 78 hunter.

Hunting aquatic jadinkos gives between 103,000 experience an hour, at level 76 Hunter, and around 165,000 experience an hour, at level 99.[source needed]

At 86 Hunter, the player can catch aquatic jadinkos with marasamaw plants on Anachronia, giving 570 Hunter experience. The juju hunter potion is still required, and must be used on the wild red blossoms nearby.

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