Energised meteorite shard

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The energised meteorite shard is purchased from the Archaeology Guild Shop for 250,000 chronotes (worth 60,000,000 coins) after the player had achieved guildmaster qualification. It is used to create the Mattock of Time and Space, along with a crystal mattock and an imcando mattock, at the mysterious monolith. Purchasing the shard unlocks the Philosophy special research which has to be completed before the mattock can be created.

Only one shard can be owned at a time until it has been used to create the mattock. It can be refunded by talking to Ezreal.

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  • patch 11 May 2020 (Update):
    • The Energised Meteorite Shard can now only be bought once until it is used. You can also refund the shard by talking to Ezreal with the shard in your Inventory.