Gem Shop (Anachronia)

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The Gem Shop is a gem shop that buys and sells cut and uncut gems. It is run by the gem store assistant. It is located in the Anachronia base camp and appears once the player unlocks the Tier 3 Town Hall.

Buying all uncut gems then cutting them and selling them back gives a profit of 3,750gp as well as 1,550 crafting XP.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Item Stock Sell price Buy price GE price Resale value
Uncut sapphire.png: Gem Shop (Anachronia) sells 5 of Uncut sapphire for 25 and buys them for 7Uncut sapphire525Coins 25.png7Coins 5.png581Coins 250.png2,780Coins 1000.png
Uncut emerald.png: Gem Shop (Anachronia) sells 5 of Uncut emerald for 50 and buys them for 15Uncut emerald550Coins 25.png15Coins 5.png357Coins 250.png1,535Coins 1000.png
Uncut ruby.png: Gem Shop (Anachronia) sells 5 of Uncut ruby for 100 and buys them for 30Uncut ruby5100Coins 100.png30Coins 25.png367Coins 250.png1,335Coins 1000.png
Uncut diamond.png: Gem Shop (Anachronia) sells 5 of Uncut diamond for 200 and buys them for 60Uncut diamond5200Coins 100.png60Coins 25.png859Coins 250.png3,295Coins 1000.png
Sapphire.png: Gem Shop (Anachronia) sells 10 of Sapphire for 250 and buys them for 75Sapphire10250Coins 250.png75Coins 25.png422Coins 250.png1,720Coins 1000.png
Emerald.png: Gem Shop (Anachronia) sells 10 of Emerald for 500 and buys them for 150Emerald10500Coins 250.png150Coins 100.png397Coins 250.png−1,030Coins 1000.png
Ruby.png: Gem Shop (Anachronia) sells 10 of Ruby for 1000 and buys them for 300Ruby101,000Coins 1000.png300Coins 250.png404Coins 250.png−5,960Coins 1000.png
Diamond.png: Gem Shop (Anachronia) sells 10 of Diamond for 2000 and buys them for 600Diamond102,000Coins 1000.png600Coins 250.png607Coins 250.png−13,930Coins 10000.png
Dragonstone.png: Gem Shop (Anachronia) sells 1 of Dragonstone for 10000 and buys them for 3000Dragonstone110,000Coins 10000.png3,000Coins 1000.png5,793Coins 1000.png−4,207Coins 1000.png

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