Gem Shop (Anachronia)

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The Gem Shop is a gem shop that buys and sells cut and uncut gems. It is run by the gem store assistant. It is located in the Anachronia base camp.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Item Stock Sell price Buy price GE price Resale value
Uncut sapphire.png: Gem Shop (Anachronia) sells 5 of Uncut sapphire for 25 and buys them for 7Uncut sapphire525Coins 25.png7Coins 5.png433Coins 250.png2,040Coins 1000.png
Uncut emerald.png: Gem Shop (Anachronia) sells 5 of Uncut emerald for 50 and buys them for 15Uncut emerald550Coins 25.png15Coins 5.png768Coins 250.png3,590Coins 1000.png
Uncut ruby.png: Gem Shop (Anachronia) sells 5 of Uncut ruby for 100 and buys them for 30Uncut ruby5100Coins 100.png30Coins 25.png1,355Coins 1000.png6,275Coins 1000.png
Uncut diamond.png: Gem Shop (Anachronia) sells 5 of Uncut diamond for 200 and buys them for 60Uncut diamond5200Coins 100.png60Coins 25.png2,763Coins 1000.png12,815Coins 10000.png
Sapphire.png: Gem Shop (Anachronia) sells 10 of Sapphire for 250 and buys them for 75Sapphire10250Coins 250.png75Coins 25.png206Coins 100.png-440Coins 250.png
Emerald.png: Gem Shop (Anachronia) sells 10 of Emerald for 500 and buys them for 150Emerald10500Coins 250.png150Coins 100.png302Coins 250.png-1,980Coins 1000.png
Ruby.png: Gem Shop (Anachronia) sells 10 of Ruby for 1000 and buys them for 300Ruby101,000Coins 1000.png300Coins 250.png350Coins 250.png-6,500Coins 1000.png
Diamond.png: Gem Shop (Anachronia) sells 10 of Diamond for 2000 and buys them for 600Diamond102,000Coins 1000.png600Coins 250.png730Coins 250.png-12,700Coins 10000.png
Dragonstone.png: Gem Shop (Anachronia) sells 1 of Dragonstone for 10000 and buys them for 3000Dragonstone110,000Coins 10000.png3,000Coins 1000.png8,331Coins 1000.png-1,669Coins 1000.png