Orthen - Moksha ritual site excavation site

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The Moksha ritual site excavation site is an Archaeology excavation site at the Orthen Dig Site on Anachronia located east of the Scimitops Big Game Hunter area (on the southern part of the island), in the former Moksha ritual site. In order to enter this excavation site, one must complete the mystery Know Thy Measure.

There are three spots of aughra remains, four spots of moksha devices, two carbon black caches, and two orgone material caches there.

Unlike many other excavation sites, there are no materials carts in the vicinity of the Moksha ritual site excavation site.

Excavation hotspots[edit | edit source]

Free Your Mind mystery pages can be found at either hotspot. Holy aggroverload recipe fragments can be found at Aughra remains, and powerburst of opportunity recipe fragments can be found at the Moksha device spots.

Excavation Number Artefacts Materials Archaeology Level
Aughra remains 3


Moksha device 4


Material caches[edit | edit source]

Cache Number Requirement
Material cache (carbon black) 2
Material cache (orgone) 2

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