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Hi-spec monocles can be purchased from the Archaeology Guild Shop for 2,000 chronotes. Two hi-spec monocles are also a possible reward from a Twitch loot crate. Although they have a "wear" option, attempting to do so will simply activate their buff and destroy the monocle; they do not become a worn item.

Wearing the monocle grants a 20% increase in base mattock precision for 20 minutes. The effect can stack up to an hour by using multiple monocles; wearing monocles that would put the timer to over an hour prompt the player with a warning and can only top the timer up to 60 minutes. When wearing a full master archaeologist's outfit set while activating the monocle, it will last 30 minutes instead of the regular 20 minutes.

After advancing an Archaeology qualification rank, players may speak to Acting Guildmaster Reiniger to obtain some hi-spec monocles as a reward.

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