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Giles is a man who can be found at the base camp on Anachronia. He acts as manager of the base camp when spoken to, helping to allocate what workers gather, implements build orders and keeps track of resource stocks.

To get started building the base camp, you must complete his base camp tutorial. Talk to him at the entrance to the temple, in front of the unfinished lodestone. After that first conversation, he can be found in the Town Hall.

He is a senior accountant for the Varrock Museum who originally worked at the palace. He helped the museum better manage their resources, including reducing the workforce of the canal barge. When finishing the boat and getting to Anachronia became a priority, he was assigned to manage the team sent.

Archaeology collections[edit | edit source]

Giles is a collector, showing a interest in Orthen Dig site artefacts. All artefacts donated to collectors must be unnoted.

Desperate for Artefacts[edit | edit source]

Archaeology Archaeology level: 90
One-time reward: Cosmic pyramid and 1,335 chronotes
Every time reward: Can only be completed once

ArtefactArchaeology LevelArchaeology XPChronotesHotspotMaterialsMaterial costs
Ceremonial dragonkin device.png Ceremonial dragonkin device704,666.7602Dragonkin remains1 × Ceremonial dragonkin device (damaged).png Ceremonial dragonkin device (damaged)
66 × Orthenglass.png Orthenglass
Ceremonial dragonkin tablet.png Ceremonial dragonkin tablet9010,888.9733Orthen rubble1 × Ceremonial dragonkin tablet (damaged).png Ceremonial dragonkin tablet (damaged)
79 × Orthenglass.png Orthenglass
Totals (XP and chronotes):15,555.61,335 + 0
Total materials:145 × Orthenglass.png Orthenglass302,180

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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