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Professor Tony's depiction of a time sprite.

Time sprites are an Archaeology mechanic, akin to rockertunities, that provide increased experience when players excavate hotspots that they hover over. Doing so will provide the player with the Sprite Focus buff, which increases Archaeology experience and at higher rates the longer players excavate the correct hotspots.

Time sprites periodically move around between other nearby excavation spots of the same type, if you are excavating at their location - if you are not excavating at the sprite's location, it does not move. Time sprites are instanced to the player, so where your sprite is is not necessarily where anyone else's sprite is. When the sprite moves, it triggers the filtered game message The time sprite has moved to another location.

Sprite Focus[edit | edit source]

Sprite focus provides several benefits, which increase the longer the sprite is followed. Every four ticks (when Archaeology experience is gained), 2% sprite focus is gained when excavating at the correct location. At the same rate, 2% Sprite Focus is lost when excavating at the wrong location, or 1% when not excavating. No sprite focus is gained or lost when excavating at a material cache near a time sprite.

With an archaeology cape equipped, an extra 1% sprite focus is gained when excavating at the correct location.

The benefits of Sprite Focus are:

  • At 1% focus and higher, 10% more Archaeology experience is gained.
  • At 40% focus and higher, an additional 10% Archaeology experience (for +20% total) is gained, and the mattock's precision is increased by 10%.
  • At 100% focus, the next excavation action has double (2x) mattock precision and is guaranteed to yield a material. Once this triggers, focus is reduced to 60%. This is notified with the message Your sprite focus allows you to close in on the excavation.
    • At level 43 Archaeology, the mattock precision is tripled (3x).
    • At level 82 Archaeology, the mattock precision is quadrupled (4x).
    • At level 101 Archaeology, the mattock precision is quintupled (5x).

Background[edit | edit source]

Time sprites are blue and fluorescent creatures of an unknown origin that were first discovered in Feldip Hills shortly after Mobilising Armies was dismantled. Wizards from Yanille spotted their blue glow in the distance and, after investigating the source, found around one dozen time sprites, which led them to Warforge and the goblin artefacts that were buried there. The wizards reported their findings to Guildmaster Tony, who wrote about the event in his journal and named the creatures.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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