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Nodon grunts are dragonkin that participate in the Nodon Front in Senntisten. While un-attackable, they operate the siege engines, and will occasionally speak overhead text when firing them at the Senntisten cathedral, or at a player should they engage the engines in combat. When the engine is destroyed, the Nodon grunt will fly away, and in their place will be the loot dropped for defeating the siege engine. If the engine is sabotaged with 15 siege engine parts after being brought down to a broken state, the Nodon grunt will instantly die upon respawning and the siege engine will become broken again. However if the grunt respawns before sabotaging is finished, the process is interrupted and the engine becomes aggressive.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If the player moves around the siege engine while fighting it, the engine will rotate and the grunt will follow it, always standing in the corner on the right side of engine's mouth, with the loot being dropped in that spot. When not engaged, the grunt will stand south-west of the engine, however when the engine rotates by 45 degrees while firing at the cathedral, dragonkin will face the same direction, either east or south-east.