Anachronia Swamp Fortress

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Anachronia Swamp Fortress.jpg
Anachronia south western fortress
Release date 8 July 2019 (Update)
Kingdom Unknown edit
Members area Yes
Main music Dinosaur Slayer, Beasts of Anachronia
Leader Unknown edit
Teleportation Unknown edit
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The Anachronia Swamp Fortress is a mysterious fortress ruin, located in the South-East, where the Slayer Master: Laniakea can be found. Players can also find Dark animica rocks to the North West at the Anachronia Swamp mine, as well as the Slayer Monsters: Ripper dinosaurs and Devil's snare surrounding the fortress.

Laniakea states that the sealed door atop the fortress, and the surrounding ruins, mention the words 'Locked', 'Sacrifice', 'Loss' and 'Unity' in the Dragonkin language. However, the sealed door is sealed with various runes and seals. She also questions 'what could be so dangerous that it was entombed in layers upon layers of rock and then locked behing ancient seals?'. Laniakea is eager to find out what lies within the fortress.

There is also a Dragonkin statue (Anachronia) and some bent bars next to Laniakea. The examine text of the bent bars states: 'It looks like something has tried to force their way in... or out!'.

The door Laniakea mentions, which is upstairs in the North East of the fortress, reads 'Raksha' in the Dragonkin language.

Beneath the Fortress is the golden Xolo City, formerly inhabited by the Xolo.