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Tarshak blasts Sakirth.

Tarshak was a Dactyl Dragonkin who was chasing V through many worlds, aiming to kill him. During Hero's Welcome, he is somehow captured by the Necrosyrtes, led by Sakirth. After having V's power transferred into him by Sakirth with assistance of the Mirror, he continually mutates and attempts to take charge of the Dragonkin race. According to one of Kerapac's memories, it is implied that Kerapac arranged to have Tarshak captured by the Necrosyrtes.

He is fought twice by the player after the Dactyl Phalaks shoots him with a poisoned bane dart, and after being defeated, flees to Brimhaven Dungeon where he mutates even further and becomes an Abomination. It manages to survive the player's attempt to crush it with bane ore in the sanctum, but the player eventually kills it in combat.

According to Kalibath, Tarshak has seen people welcome the obsidian hand of death around their throat as they smile.[1]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite being part of the Dactyl faction, he was known to chase down and try to kill a False User, V.
  • Tarshak is the first Dragonkin to be killed by the player.
  1. ^ Kalibath's journal, written by Kalibath, RuneScape. "The one thing Tarshak is good for is talking, and everything he has said has sickened me on one level or another. He has chased the V User across worlds without end, always failing due to his incompetence. And always he finds mortals bowing and scraping before 'gods' that would slaughter them all to get access to the Stone for a bare instant. He has seen people worshipping giant pigs, giant plants and giant rocks. He has seen them throw their own children into living flames. He has seen them engage in fights to the death with combatants in the billions. He has seen them welcome the obsidian hand of death around their throat with a smile."