Draconic jadinko

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For the livestock creature, see Draconic jadinko (Player-owned farm).
Herblore HabitatAnachronia
Draconic jadinko icon.png
Anachronia location of the draconic jadinko

The draconic jadinko is a creature found in Herblore Habitat. It requires 80 Hunter to trap. When caught, it gives 554 Hunter experience, a draconic vine (used to make juju mining potions), and a chance at vine herb seeds.

The requirements for attracting draconic jadinkos are a red vine blossom, lergberry bush and a dark pit. A juju hunter potion must also be poured on the red vine, and re-applied every 10 minutes.

Hunting draconic jadinkos gives between 100,000 experience an hour, at level 80 Hunter, and around 154,000 experience an hour, at level 99. Using witchdoctor camouflage gear, an enhanced yaktwee stick, arctic bear familiars, scentless potions and Zamorak's favour potions a player with level 99 Hunter can gain around 190,000 experience an hour.[source needed]

Anachronia[edit | edit source]

At 90 hunter, the player can catch draconic jadinkos with marasamaw plants on Anachronia, giving 554 Hunter experience for each successful catch. The juju hunter potion is still required, and must be used on the wild red blossom nearby. They are in the northern part of the Bagrada Rex hunter area.

Seed drop percentages
Seed Percent


Flower seeds
Not dropped
Herb seeds
Erzille seed 5.png Erzille


Argway seed 5.png Argway


Ugune seed 5.png Ugune


Shengo seed 5.png Shengo


Samaden seed 5.png Samaden


Bush seeds
Not dropped
Tree seeds
Not dropped
Harvest Heaven
Barberry seed 5.png Barberry


Butterfly flower seed 5.png Butterfly flower


Fly trap seed 5.png Fly trap


Grapevine seed 5.png Grapevine


Potato cactus seed 5.png Potato cactus


Prickly pear seed 5.png Prickly pear


Reed seed 5.png Reed


Snape grass seed 5.png Snape grass


Sunchoke seed 5.png Sunchoke


Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 1,431 drops. Please add to the log!

Loot[edit | edit source]

Item Members Quantity Rarity GE price High Alch
Draconic vine.png: RS3 Draconic jadinko drops Draconic vine with rarity Always in quantity 1Draconic vine (m)P2P icon.png1AlwaysNot soldNot alchemisable
Compacted hides.png: RS3 Draconic jadinko drops Compacted hides with rarity Uncommon in quantity 1Compacted hides (m)P2P icon.png1Uncommon[1]Not soldNot alchemisable
Reinforced dinosaur pelt.png: RS3 Draconic jadinko drops Reinforced dinosaur pelt with rarity 1/1000 in quantity 1Reinforced dinosaur pelt (m)P2P icon.png11/1000[1][2]Not soldNot alchemisable
Dinosaur rib bone.png: RS3 Draconic jadinko drops Dinosaur rib bone with rarity 1/1000 in quantity 1Dinosaur rib bone (m)P2P icon.png11/1000[1][2]Not soldNot alchemisable
Draconic jadinko (unchecked).png: RS3 Draconic jadinko drops Draconic jadinko (unchecked) with rarity Rare in quantity 1Draconic jadinko (unchecked) (m)P2P icon.png1RareNot soldNot alchemisable
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