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This article is about the Hunter activity. For the Fremennik achievement, see Big Game Hunter (achievement).

Big Game Hunter is a Hunter activity ranging from level 75 to 96 Hunter on Anachronia, where players can hunt dinosaurs using poison-tipped javelins fired from scorpions. It was released on 8 July 2019.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Dinosaurs[edit | edit source]

Map of Big Game Hunter

There are nine different dinosaurs to hunt on Anachronia as shown in the table. They have certain requirements in Hunter and Slayer, both of which can be boosted. Each dinosaur needs a specific bait. The experiences shown in the table are based on the last part, when you skin the dead dinosaur. Keep in mind, when you are facing multiple dinosaurs in one round, the experience rates are higher.

Dinosaur Hunter Slayer Bait Hunter XP Slayer XP
Arcane apoterrasaur icon.png Arcane apoterrasaur 75 55 Raw shark.png: RS3 Inventory image of Raw sharkRaw shark 6,000 800
Bagrada rex icon.png Bagrada rex 75 55 Raw manta ray.png: RS3 Inventory image of Raw manta rayRaw manta ray 6,000 800
Scimitops icon.png Scimitops 75 55 Raw sailfish.png: RS3 Inventory image of Raw sailfishRaw sailfish 6,000 800
Spicati apoterrasaur icon.png Spicati apoterrasaur 80 60 Raw bagrada rex meat.png: RS3 Inventory image of Raw bagrada rex meatRaw bagrada rex meat 12,000 2,050
Asciatops icon.png Asciatops 85 65 Raw arcane apoterrasaur meat.png: RS3 Inventory image of Raw arcane apoterrasaur meatRaw arcane apoterrasaur meat 12,000 2,050
Corbicula rex icon.png Corbicula rex 90 70 Raw scimitops meat.png: RS3 Inventory image of Raw scimitops meatRaw scimitops meat 12,000 2,050
Oculi apoterrasaur icon.png Oculi apoterrasaur 94 74 Raw asciatops meat.png: RS3 Inventory image of Raw asciatops meatRaw asciatops meat 21,000 3,800
Malletops icon.png Malletops 95 75 Raw corbicula rex meat.png: RS3 Inventory image of Raw corbicula rex meatRaw corbicula rex meat 21,000 3,800
Pavosaurus rex icon.png Pavosaurus rex 96 76 Raw spicati apoterrasaur meat.png: RS3 Inventory image of Raw spicati apoterrasaur meatRaw spicati apoterrasaur meat 21,000 3,800

Tasks[edit | edit source]

During the encounter with the dinosaur, you need to complete multiple tasks to defeat it. The following table sum up all activities and their experience points in the Skill.

Activity Skill XP
Cutting tree Woodcutting 1-99
Cutting vines Woodcutting 1-99
Creating spear Fletching 10
Tip spear with poison Herblore 1-99
Build Scorpion Hunter 250
Arm Scorpion Hunter 250
Build pressure plate Hunter 250
Place bait on pressure plate Hunter 250
Poison weakness (30,000 dmg) Slayer 150
Poison normal (15,000 dmg) Slayer 100
Poison resistance (7,500 dmg) Slayer 50

Arena[edit | edit source]

Big Game Hunter takes place in a wide-open area. There is one area for each species of dinosaur that can be hunted; see below for their locations. Each arena has the same features, although the arrangement may differ slightly.

Bait pad[edit | edit source]

The bait pad is where an encounter is started. Starting an encounter requires having the appropriate kind of bait in inventory, but it does not consume it. Starting an encounter creates a new instance of the arena for the player to hunt in, and immediately spawns 1-3 dinosaurs to begin the encounter. Once the dinosaurs in an encounter have been hunted or fled, it can be used to spawn more dinosaurs, provided the player still has bait. It can also be right-clicked to end the encounter.

Bait box[edit | edit source]

There is an upgradeable bait box hotspot, which can be used to store increasing amounts of bait. Bait must be unnoted to store inside the box. The bait boxes only need to be built once; the construction and upgrades apply to all bait boxes across Anachronia. The inventory is shared among them, as well. A Tier 1 Bait Box can only store up to 5 of each type of bait. Tier 2 Bait Box can store up to 15 of each type of bait.

Trees and vines[edit | edit source]

There are two trees and two jungle vines around the edges of the area, from which jungle logs and vines can be cut. The logs can be fletched into spears, as well as used for constructing Scorpions and the pressure plate. The vines are only used for Scorpions. With a Tier 1 Hunter Lodge at the base camp, players have a 10% chance of gathering an additional log or vine.

Players have a 90% chance of receiving a log/vine per cut with 99 Woodcutting and the crystal hatchet.[1]

Tall grass[edit | edit source]

There are zero, one or two patches of tall grass. Hiding in the tall grass allows the player to avoid being spotted by the dinosaur, even if inside its detection radius.

Poisonous frogs[edit | edit source]

The arena will be filled with 3 colours of poisonous frogs, or 2 if you have the Tier 3 Hunter Lodge. They can be left-clicked to tip spears with poison of the appropriate colour. They will lose their poison and turn green afterwards.

Pressure plate[edit | edit source]

Near the centre of the arena is a pressure plate hotspot, where the player can build a pressure plate with a single jungle log. Once it is built, the player can place bait on the pressure pad to lure the dinosaurs into the trap. At least one Scorpion must be built and armed, and a warning box will pop up if not all 3 scorpions are armed. Immediately once the bait is placed, a cutscene appears where the dinosaur eats the bait and triggers the trap.

Scorpions[edit | edit source]

Scorpion (Big Game Hunter).png

Arranged around the pressure plate in a triangle are three piles of rubble, which act as Scorpion hotspots. The player can build Scorpions here with one jungle log and one vine. Once built, they can be armed with poison-tipped spears. If a mistake is made arming them, the ammunition can be retrieved at the cost of more time and risk. If the scorpion fires a spear that deals 30k damage, it will be destroyed and will need to be rebuilt in the next cycle.

Encounter mechanics[edit | edit source]

Once an encounter is started with bait, including at the start of an instance, one to three dinosaurs will spawn. The player must build the trap and then lure the dinosaur(s) onto the pressure plate, where they will take damage from the spears. The dinosaurs will remain until the player defeats them, they detect the player forcing them to flee, or the player leaves the encounter. The player can continue to spawn and hunt new dinosaurs until the species being hunted goes into hiding. Once this happens, the player will be unable to hunt that species for an hour unless they reset the cooldown using a dinosaur lure.

If the player leaves the encounter, either because the dinosaurs are in hiding or another reason, all hunting items such as logs, vines, and spears are lost and will need to be reacquired the next time the player goes hunting.

Dinosaur behaviour[edit | edit source]

Each dinosaur wanders around the arena in a set pattern that can change from spawn to spawn, with a large radius around them in which they can detect the player. The detection zone is visible on the ground as a coloured circle, and also sometimes on the minimap. The minimap is not, however, reliable. When the dinosaur has not noticed the player at all, the zone will be blue. If the player is inside the circle, it will turn green, then yellow, orange, and finally red. If the player remains in the circle while it is red, the dinosaur will scare them off in a cutscene, and may go into hiding. When this happens, all constructed traps are destroyed. They will need to be reconstructed if the player continues hunting, and any ammunition loaded will be lost. If the player leaves the detection zone, it will gradually cycle back until it is blue again.

With a Tier 2 Hunter Lodge at base camp, players are given an additional 2.4 seconds within the circle before the dinosaur detects the player, after which a cutscene plays showing the player escaping.

The dinosaur moves 2 tiles per tick, the same as a running player, and therefore a player in the detection zone cannot outrun the dinosaur if it is moving in the same direction. They must either use a movement ability, such as Surge or Bladed Dive, to escape; hide in tall grass; or hope that it will go another direction. The Mobile perk is highly recommended.

Hiding in the tall grass will hide the player from the dinosaur and prevent the player from being detected, however, if the player is in grass and inside the detection zone, the colour will not change back to blue. The walls of the arena are generally not safe, and the dinosaur may get close enough to detect the player. Some arenas, however, have safe areas around the edges, particularly at the exits, in which the player can safely stand. This is useful for fletching spears.

Occasionally, dinosaurs will stop moving and roar. This disables their detection radius for a few seconds and may give the player a chance to escape. The radius will reactivate with the same colour as it had before the roar. After the roar, it reverses direction and moves in the same pattern but in the opposite direction.

During single encounters, the dinosaur may stop in the middle of a rotation without roaring. The dinosaur will temporarily lose its detection circle while it is stopped. A small group of assorted jadinkos will then appear some distance away from the dinosaur, typically on the farthest side from the dinosaur or near the pressure plate. After a few seconds, the dinosaur will break away from its normal rotation path and go straight towards the jadinkos, proceeding to either attack or consume the jadinkos. Its detection circle will reappear when it starts to move towards the jadinkos, but will disappear again for a brief moment when dealing with the jadinkos. It will then resume its normal path from where it stopped after it has dealt with the jadinkos.

If the dinosaur steps on the player, they will be stunned for a few seconds. Anticipation may be used before the dinosaur gets close to prevent being stunned.

Poison types[edit | edit source]

To kill the dinosaurs you need to load the scorpions with spears, these can be made out of one jungle log per spear. To load the scorpions with spears they have to be poisoned first, this can be done by extracting poison from one of the poison frogs present in the hunting ground. There are three different types of frogs present, each one deals a different type of damage. The resistances and weaknesses of dinosaurs are randomised per encounter. If a dinosaur is weak to the type then the spear deals 30,000 damage, if it has no particular weakness then the spear deals 15,000 damage and if the dinosaur is resistant to it then the spear deals only 7,500 damage.

During each encounter, the weakness and resistance of the dinosaurs is randomized, but it will remain constant for the duration of the encounter. With a Tier 3 Hunter Lodge, only two versions of the poison frogs will spawn making it significantly easier to identify the dinosaur's weakness during the current encounter.

The kill[edit | edit source]

The trap is set by laying bait on the pressure plate after at least one Scorpion has been loaded. Firing the trap will destroy the pressure plate and may destroy some Scorpions; they will have to be rebuilt for the encounter to continue. Once a dinosaur has been killed, its corpse can be skinned for various rewards, such as bones, hides, and scales.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

With 1 active dinosaur, you should only need 10 logs and 3 vines. If 2 dinosaurs spawn in instance, you will need a total 17 logs and 6 vines.

Start off with trying to find the weakness of the dinosaur you are fighting. Do this by making two spears of the same poison type, then one spear of a different poison type. Fire these arrows at the dinosaur and look at the damage numbers to find the weakness (the spear dealing 30,000 damage, if neither colour is then the 3rd colour is the weakness). You have a 1/2 chance of dealing 60,000 damage or more this way, meaning often only one more spear will be required to finish off the current target. If neither spear used is 30,000 or only one is 30,000 and the other 2 are 7,500, then two spears will be needed for the second round. All dinosaurs in an encounter will share the same weakness so once known make spears with the poison type matching the weakness of the dinosaur until it goes into hiding and cannot be re-spawned. The other method is to make one of each spear first time, and simply watch the cut-scene, the colour of the hit-splats matches the poison the dinosaur is weak to. For example, if the 30,000 hit-splat is coloured red, then the dinosaur is weak to red poison. In this scenario you will always need two more spears (at least one being the weakness) to finish off the current target before again using 3 spears of the weakness for all subsequent dinosaurs in the encounter.

By using the first method, it is possible to know which colour is worth 30,000 damage without watching the first cutscene. All you have to do is see how much HP is left after the first row of damage. The table below show the values of each poison based on the amount of times each was used.

Cutscene Skip Method
HP left on dinosaur Color used twice Color used once Color not used
15,000 30,000 15,000 7,500
22,500 30,000 7,500 15,000
30,000 15,000 30,000 7,500
45,000 7,500 30,000 15,000
52,500 15,000 7,500 30,000
60,000 7,500 15,000 30,000

The centre of the encounter, near the pressure plate, is often the safest place to be if there is only one dinosaur. From the centre, try to follow the dinosaur's movement, tailing it as it moves around clockwise or anti-clockwise. You can build and load the scorpions while following the dinosaur. The dinosaur will change direction when it roars. Prepare to follow suit. While gathering logs and vines by the side and collecting frog poison, make use of tall grass to escape detection. You can safely fletch spears and get poison from toads that are close enough while in tall grass.

When caught in an area of detection, never run in the same direction as the dinosaur as in doing so you will extend the time you stay in it. Try to run to the side and get back behind the dinosaur. Make use of the Surge / Bladed dive abilities to move quickly out of harm's way. Having equipment with the Mobile invention perk is very helpful. In certain spots on the edge of the encounter, you can safely stay still as you would not be caught in the area of detection long enough for the dinosaur to detect you.

Recommended Gear and Unlocks[edit | edit source]

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Crystal saw.png
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All dinosaurs are guaranteed to give some dinosaur bones, hides and scales, their respective raw meat and all have separate secondary drop tables.

These tables contain "PvM style" drops such as noted dragonhides and high-level tree seeds. The pavosaurus rex, malletops and oculi apoterrasaur can drop the superior long bone, volcanic fragments and tribal fin respectively, the three of which are required in order to make a terrasaur maul.

In addition to the drops listed above, all of the Big Game Hunter dinosaurs may also drop one of the following totem pieces:

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 15 July 2019 (Update):
    • Multiple hunter marks can now be obtained from double and triple encounters in Big Game Hunter.
    • The order at which items drop from Big Game Hunter has been adjusted.
    • The Malletops now correctly requires level 95 hunter to bait the central pad in Big Game Hunter.
    • A hunter icon has been added inside Big Game Hunter encounters to show where the bait pad is.
    • Bonecrusher now works with Big Game Hunter.
    • Fixed an issue that would teleport the player inside a wall if leaving a Big Game Hunter encounter whilst being caught.
    • Failing an encounter in Big Game Hunter will no longer reduce the amount of dinosaurs you can hunt in the area. Leaving, teleporting out of area, or killing a dino will still make progress towards the encounter going on cooldown.
    • Trapper fragments can now be obtained via Big Game Hunter.
    • A "never ask me again" option has been added to the bait pad in Big Game Hunter if less than 3 traps are built.
    • Jadinkos can now spawn in Big Game Hunter.

References[edit | edit source]

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