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The Moksha ritual site is a hidden chamber found in southern Anachronia, located east of the Scimitops Big Game Hunter area. It is first accessible to the player at level 90 Archaeology after completing the Know Thy Measure mystery, and hosts the Moksha ritual site excavation site. Before the completion of the mystery the dragonkin statue doesn't reveal the stairs used to enter the ritual site.

The Moksha ritual site is named after the large Moksha device in the centre of the chamber, a device built to transfer the mind of one being into the body of another.

The chamber also acted as a meeting place of the Aughra dragonkin faction, who lounged around the chamber, smoking, chanting, carousing and fornicating, all in attempts to expand their minds in a more spiritual way, than the Dactyl faction's more scientific approach.

Personalities[edit | edit source]

Professor Alfredo can be found in the ritual site supervising the excavation site, with Associate Colette as his associate, and an archaeologist excavating one of the orgone material caches found in the area.

After completing the Fragmented Memories mystery, Professor Salamander may be found with Alfredo and Colette.

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