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The dragonkin have a language, of which little is known, as they speak in the common tongue most of the time. The only non-dragonkin known to understand some of the language are the Player character, Laniakea, the Kethsians and Robert the Strong, who wrote a book on the subject, an excerpt of which can be found below.

The language of the Dragonkin is as blunt as they are. From what I can gather, the sentence structure is direct and simple. I believe it follows a structure like this:-

Subject - Adjective if required - Action modifier - Action - Object.

So sentences like 'Odysseus went for a brisk walk in the park' would become 'Odysseus brisk walk in park'.

It seems that they really don't like to mince words, which may explain why much of their written language is only a handful of short excerpts.

Additionally I have encountered a few references to dragons that seem to have almost been given titles. The format for these appears to be Colour-Dragon-Title/Descriptor.

Robert the Strong

Dragonkin Alphabet[edit | edit source]

The Dragonkin alphabet. Red letters are conjectures

In the quest Desperate Measures, the Dragonkin alphabet is used in location names and a puzzle. From this, the Dragonkin alphabet can be extrapolated.

Dragonkin Words[edit | edit source]

Translated[edit | edit source]

  • Arakken = Dungeon[1]
  • Castil = Combine[2]
  • Chen = Razed/Destroyed[3]
  • Chenrath = Incinerator[4]
  • Crasortius = Surrender[5]
  • Draekeun = Dragon[6]
  • Drakkerkin = Dragonkin[7]
  • Fia = Safe/Protected from[8]
  • Gres = East[9]
  • Hesente = Intruder[5]
  • Kath = Failure/Weakling/Runt[10]
  • Kletter = Green[11]
  • Kreath = Dark/Shadow/Black[12]
  • Lith = Superior[13]
  • Lokur = Steel[14]
  • Ortha = First[15]
  • Orthen = First city[16][17]
  • Pthen = Sorcery/Magic[18]
  • Pthencaraun = Celestial[19]
  • Pthentraken = Sorcery Queen/Queen of Magic[20]
  • Rak = To speak (in the sense of giving orders/command)/Above all[21][22]
  • Raksha = 'The One Above All'/'The One Who Speaks'[21]
  • Rath = Fire[23]
  • Rathis = Fireblood[24]
  • Roakin = Elder Gods[25][26]
  • Saur = Lizard[27]
  • Sha = One/Singular[22]
  • Skek = Dead[28]
  • Takla = Stone[29][30]
  • Tho = South[31]
  • Then = City[32]
  • Traken = Queen[18]
  • Ulthven = Sunken[33]
  • Vek = Failure/Failed[34]
  • Verak = King/Emperor?[35]
  • Vor = Pathetic[36]
  • Vosk = False User[37][38]

Additionally, "Skethzzzzz" is the dragonkin equivalent of laughter or a snigger.

Place names[edit | edit source]

Untranslated[edit | edit source]

  • Askanth
  • Bujahepen
  • Caraun
  • Carratas
  • Cra
  • Cras
  • Deskar
  • Dino
  • Dosk
  • Falkar
  • Fiawara
  • Gattarik
  • Gelik
  • Hak
  • Hep
  • Hepencaraun
  • Hok
  • Kab
  • Kal
  • Kalgat
  • Kalist
  • Kalistrak
  • Kalur
  • Kay
  • Kel
  • Kiket
  • Kilaya
  • Kindra
  • Kos
  • Kren
  • Kuln
  • Lac
  • Mok
  • Mott
  • Nos
  • Ort
  • Ortius
  • Pasaha
  • Reageth
  • Roake
  • Rosli
  • Skekslan
  • Skrael
  • Slancras
  • Sokun
  • Soma
  • Takken
  • Tescan
  • Tesska
  • Vazara
  • Vekkin
  • Ven
  • Volat
  • Vertentis

Phrases[edit | edit source]

Fully Dragonkin[edit | edit source]

Source Original Partial translation
Dragonkin Primer.png Dragonkin Primer Kletter Draekeun dosk Arakken Ullergrax. Green Dragon dosk Dungeon Forinthry.
Dragonkin Primer.png Forinthry Dungeon Kletter Draekeun tescan Kath. Draekeun castil Lokur kel Draekeun. Drakkerkin dosk Tho Arakken Sketherin. Green Dragon tescan Runt. Dragon combine Steel kel Dragon. Dragonkin dosk South Dungeon Brimhaven.
Dragonkin Primer.png Brimhaven Dungeon Ortha Draekeun Hok Kreath Draekeun Traken. Kreath Draekeun Traken Ortha lith Kerapac reageth Carratas. Drakkergin dosk Ven Arakken. First Dragon Hok Black Dragon Queen. Black Dragon Queen First superior Kerapac reageth Carratas. Dragonkin dosk Ven Dungeon.
Mysterious statue chathead.png Mysterious statue during One of a Kind Drakkerkin Kren Volat Roake Falkar Dragonkin Kren Volat Roake Falkar
Kerapac chathead.png Kerapac summoning protoplasmic wisps during One of a Kind Drakkerkin Roake Pthen Tesska Askanth Kuln Dragonkin Roake Magic Tesska Askanth Kuln
Kerapac chathead.png Kerapac sending the player into a magical construct that represents the curse during One of a Kind Drakkerkin Roake Pthen Kalgat Askanth Kuln Dragonkin Roake Magic Kalgat Askanth Kuln
King Black Dragon during One of a Kind Arakken Kos Roake Pthen Deskar Dungeon Kos Roake Magic Deskar
Dragonkin Primer.png Adamant dragon dungeon Draekeun Castil Lokur. Vek. Kerapac Vertentis Draekeun Lokur. Vek. Forcae Kalist. Forcae Lith Kalist. Forcae Lith Verak! Dragon combine steel. Failure. Kerapac Vertentis Dragon Steel. Failure. Forcae Kalist. Forcae superior Kalist. Forcae supreme Emperor!
Dragonkin Primer.png Mount Firewake Drakkerkin Kethsi Chen. Kethsi Vek. Kalist Fia Necrosyrtes. Lith Roake Pthen Kethsi. Askanth Kuln Kethsi. Kalist Lith. Dragonkin Destroyed Kethsi. Kethsi failed. Kalist safe from Necrosyrtes. Superior Roake Magic Kethsi. Askanth Kuln Kethsi. Kalist superior.
Ulthven Kreath Mural Kranon Cras Roake Pthen. Kranon Cras Roake Magic.
Ulthven Kreath Mural Kreath lac Roakin... Drakkerkin Skek... Dark lac Elder Gods... Dragonkin Dead...
Ulthven Kreath Mural Skekkin Kath Rath! Kranon Roakin Rak Dead-kin Weakling Fire! Kranon Elder Gods Speak
Ulthven Kreath Mural Vek... Skek... Chen... Ulthven... Fia... Failure... Dead... Destroyed... Sunken... Safe...
Taraket destroying crystallised black stone Skek roake pthen. Skek verak Taraket. Lith skek takken mott! Dead roake magic. Dead king Taraket. Superior dead takken mott!
Taraket summoning a rift of undeath Skek takken mott! Dead takken mott!
The Ambassador chathead.png Kranon greeting the player and in The Last Offering Castil kreath fia Roake Kal. Skek Lac Ortius. Combine black safe Roake Kal. Dead Lac Ortius
Kerapac (Desperate Times) chathead.png Kerapac during Desperate Times GATTARIK VEK! VOKUN VEK! HAK HAK GELIK! GATTARIK FAILURE! VOKUN FAILURE! HAK HAK GELIK!
The Ambassador chathead.png Kranon's poem found in Next of Kin Hep! Kal! Ort! Sha Cra Lith Kab Nos Kay Mok Hep! Kal! Ort! One Cra Superior Kab Nos Kay Mok

Partially Dragonkin[edit | edit source]

Source Phrase Partial translation
Strisath chathead.png Strisath during One of a Kind Sokun-Kerapac! Release me now! Sokun-Kerapac! Release me now!
Kerapac chathead.png Kerapac during One of a Kind The curse that my kind suffers is like a chain that connects us to the Stone of Jas and also to the Vosk...Sorry. The 'False Users'. N/A
Dragonkin research.png Dragonkin research VEK. VEK. VEK. Kranon, the fool. All of them are fools. Now they are skek. SKEK. Dead, dead, all but Kranon. SKEKKIN! Leave it to me to break the curse. Don't fail and give me more to deal with. FAILURE. FAILURE. FAILURE. Kranon, the fool. All of them are fools. Now they are dead. DEAD. Dead, dead, all but Kranon. DEAD-KIN! Leave it to me to break the curse. Don't fail and give me more to deal with.
Dragonkin research.png Dragonkin research Skekkin Kranon is the rak to it. Roake rak. Phalaks will aid me. The boy will come too. Chen on Kranon. Rath on Kranon. We'll seal him, or destroy him. And the roake. More draekeun for this purpose. We'll start prototyping soon, discard veks, try more, discard the veks. VEK KRANON! Dead-kin Kranon is the speaker to it. Roake speak. Phalaks will aid me. The boy will come too. Destruction(?) on Kranon. Fire on Kranon. We'll seal him, or destroy him. And the roake. More dragons for this purpose. We'll start prototyping soon, discard failures, try more, discard the failures. FAILURE KRANON!
Dragonkin research.png Dragonkin research The shipment of kreath takla has arrived The shipment of black stone has arrived.
Dragonkin research.png Dragonkin research The sunken black. Ulthven Kreath. For now my priorities have reverted back to this roake curse. The sunken black. The sunken black. For now, my priorities have reverted back to this roake curse.
The Ambassador chathead.png Kranon I see you've learned combat techniques from our Laboratory in Ullergrax. Vor... I see you've learned combat techniques from our Laboratory in Forinthry. Pathetic...
Kerapac chathead.png Kerapac I intend to put a stop to this madness. To save my people, once and for all. So that never again may we be choked by the shackles of the Roakin. I intend to put a stop to this madness. To save my people, once and for all. So that never again may we be choked by the shackles of the Elder Gods.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Vokun Vek," a phrase said in anger, invokes the name of the mythological dragonkin hero Vokun[44].
  • Laniakea observes several dragonkin words in the southern dragonkin ruin on Anachronia, including 'locked', 'sacrifice', 'loss' and 'unity'. However the original inscription, and the original words, are unreadable by the player.

References[edit | edit source]

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