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At RuneFest 2019 a portion of the Archaeology skill was playable as a demo, during this time the following was shown/demonstrated:

  • A look at the new Varrock Dig Site
  • The Kharid-Et dig site's location was revealed, just south of Al-Kharid
  • Screening
  • The location of the Everlight Dig Site was revealed, east of Meiyerditch
  • Relics were shown, with the effects/names at the time revealed below:
Relic Effect
Font of life Increases maximum health by 500.
Berserker's Frenzy Deal more damage the lower the player's life points.
Death ward Take less damage the lower the player's life points.
Lingering Death Stunning the target refreshes the player's bleed effects.
Persistent rage Adrenaline doesn't drain outside of combat.
Fury of the Small All basic attacks now generate 1% more adrenaline.
Heightened Senses Gain 10% maximum adrenaline.
Conservation of Energy Ultimate abilities refund 10% adrenaline.
Death note All guaranteed bones and demonic ashes drops are automatically noted.
Abyssal Link Teleportation spells no longer require runes nor reward Magic experience.
Inspire Effort Earn 2% more experience in gathering skills.
Inspire Awe Earn 2% more experience in combat skills.
Inspire Love Earn 2% more experience in support skills.
Inspire Genius Earn 2% more experience in artisan skills.
Slayer Introspection Choose the max or min number of Slayer creatures when being assigned a task.
Nexus mod Always teleport to the centre of the abyss.
Pouch protector Runecrafting pouches never degrade.
Always Adze All logs cut burn for Firemaking and Woodcutting experience.
Divine Conversion Convert the player's entire inventory of memories simultaneously.
Sticky fingers Automatically starts the next pickpocket action until the player is caught.
Deathless Dungeoneering gives no penalty for death.
Healthy Herbs Herb patches are always protected.
Unexpected Diplomacy All reputation gains are 10% faster.
Set Reduction Set effect require 1 fewer item to activate.
Ring of Luck Gain the effects of tier 1 luck.
Ring of Wealth Gain the effects of tier 2 luck.
Ring of Fortune Gain the effects of tier 3 luck.
Endurance No longer drain run energy whilst running.