Black warlock (Hunter)

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This article is about the Hunter creature. For the item of the same name, see Black warlock.
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The Black warlock is a butterfly that players can capture with the Hunter skill at level 45 or above. Players can find Black warlocks at the Feldip Hunter area, west of the base camp in Anachronia and in the south-eastern area of Anachronia. They must wield a butterfly net or a magic butterfly net and have at least one butterfly jar (1 butterfly jar for each butterfly) in their inventory to catch them. All of these items are available for purchase in hunter stores, for example the shop in Yanille.

Black warlocks and other butterflies can also be caught using a morphic or volatile Sacred clay butterfly net. Morphic butterfly nets give double the original experience, and Volatile butterfly nets give 2.2 times. The Morphic and Volatile tools can be obtained as rewards from the minigame Stealing Creation.

After catching a Black warlock, players can either release them (via a right-click option) or use them on another player to boost their Strength by 20%. (the player you will use it on will need to have accept aid on)

An efficient method for capturing them effectively is to locate a spawn and stay by it. The butterflies respawn every 3 to 4 seconds, so by not moving a player can repeatedly capture and release the butterflies. There are spawns all over the Feldip Hunter area.

At level 95 Hunter and 90 Agility, the player can catch black warlocks barehanded. Doing this gives the player 475 Hunter experience and 125 Agility experience. The players hands must be empty, the only item that can be equipped in the main hand is the Enhanced yaktwee stick, but it is sufficient to sheathe weapons. The player will follow it until it is caught. Following an update on the 10 September 2013 catching a butterfly barehanded gives a chance of obtaining a Crystal triskelion fragment. After the butterfly has been caught the player will release it, meaning that the butterfly cannot be kept. Following the release of the Land out of time update on July 8th 2019, Black Warlocks can now be caught barehanded repeatedly until they flee.

Using the following items and buffs will grant up to 500,000 hunter experience and 100,000 agility experience per hour at level 99 Hunter (barehanded):

Loot[edit | edit source]

Item Members Quantity Rarity GE price High alch value
Black warlock.png: RS3 Black warlock (Hunter) drops Black warlock with rarity Always in quantity 1Black warlock (m)P2P icon.png1Always[1]35242
Crystal triskelion fragment 1.png: RS3 Black warlock (Hunter) drops Crystal triskelion fragment 1 with rarity Rare in quantity 1Crystal triskelion fragment 1 (m)P2P icon.png1Rare[2][3]Not soldNot alchemisable
Crystal triskelion fragment 2.png: RS3 Black warlock (Hunter) drops Crystal triskelion fragment 2 with rarity Rare in quantity 1Crystal triskelion fragment 2 (m)P2P icon.png1Rare[2][3]Not soldNot alchemisable
Crystal triskelion fragment 3.png: RS3 Black warlock (Hunter) drops Crystal triskelion fragment 3 with rarity Rare in quantity 1Crystal triskelion fragment 3 (m)P2P icon.png1Rare[2][3]Not soldNot alchemisable
Compacted hides.png: RS3 Black warlock (Hunter) drops Compacted hides with rarity Uncommon in quantity 1Compacted hides (m)P2P icon.png1Uncommon[4]Not soldNot alchemisable
Reinforced dinosaur pelt.png: RS3 Black warlock (Hunter) drops Reinforced dinosaur pelt with rarity 1/1000 in quantity 1Reinforced dinosaur pelt (m)P2P icon.png11/1000[4][5]Not soldNot alchemisable
Dinosaur rib bone.png: RS3 Black warlock (Hunter) drops Dinosaur rib bone with rarity 1/1000 in quantity 1Dinosaur rib bone (m)P2P icon.png11/1000[4][5]Not soldNot alchemisable
  1. ^ Only if caught with a butterfly net or the magic version and at least 1 butterfly jar
  2. ^ Only if caught bare-handed
  3. ^ Triskelion fragments are dropped in order.
  4. ^ a b c Only on Anachronia
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Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Previously, when trying to catch them without the proper equipment or level, the message was cut off in the middle of the word "agility".
  • Following an update on 8 July 2019, barehanded catching is now possible with an enhanced yaktwee stick.