Archaeology teleport

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Archaeology teleport detail.png
The interface displayed when selecting the Teleport action

An Archaeology teleport is an item which teleports the player to any available dig site or collector for their current Archaeology level. It can be bought for 250 chronotes at the Archaeology Guild Shop. If the chronotes were bought from the Grand Exchange it would cost 70,250 coins. It is a consumable item that disappears upon use. Since it has a wide variety of areas that it can teleport one to, it can be a useful item for getting to the dig sites all around the world of Gielinor without needing to have the Master archaeologist's outfit equipped. For this reason, it may be useful as a treasure trails teleport item.

In addition to its use as a dig site teleport item, the Archaeology teleport may be useful for quick transportation to some of the following locations or activities:

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