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Vokun was the deuteragonist of an ancient dragonkin story. In the story, Vokun and his companion, Sethirak, left their village seeking adventure. They encountered an elderly dragonkin who told them of a treasure hidden in the Kingdom of Shadow, a gemstone of great power. Vokun and Sethirak prevailed against many dangerous hazards before arriving at an ancient cathedral in the Kingdom of Shadow. Awaiting them was an old man who offered them a choice between the gemstone and a small black pebble. Sethirak ignored the pebble, took the gemstone, and was welcomed with much rejoicing when he returned to his village.[1]

The story does not say what became of Vokun. Kranon the Ambassador believed that Vokun instead took the black pebble, which caused him to be free, as instead of having the story dictate what happened to Vokun, "[he] found a way out of [the] story and into his own". Kranon came to the conclusion that the black pebble that Sethirak declined was the key to freeing the dragonkin from their curse.

References[edit | edit source]

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