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"Warbler" redirects here. For the bird found in the Arc, see Waiko Warbler.
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The Golden warbler is a golden-yellow bird that can be caught using the Hunter skill, granting the player 39 experience. Golden Warblers are caught using bird snares at level 5 Hunter. Golden warblers are the second type of bird that you can catch using Hunter after a Crimson Swift. Golden warblers inhabit the Kharidian Desert between the Shantay Pass and the ruins of Uzer, the east side of the bridge over the River Elid, the area west of the base camp on Anachronia, and east of the Anachronia canyon mine.

The golden warbler can be easily identified by its hideously annoying song. Although the warbler is prized by hunters for its fine feathers, it is probably caught just as much simply to shut it up.
William Oddity's Guide to the Avian

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