Dragonkin Castle

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Dragonkin castle 2.png
Dragonkin Castle
Release date 26 September 2005 (Update)
Kingdom Unknown
Members area Yes
Main music Strange Place
Leader Dragonkin (NPC)
Teleportation No
Bank map icon.png 0 Altar map icon.png 0
Dragonkin Castle map.png

The Dragonkin Castle is one of the castles of the ancient Dragonkin, other known ones being Daemonheim, Ulthven Kreath and above the Dragonkin Laboratory. It features in the A Tail of Two Cats quest, where Robert the Strong and his panther Odysseus battle a fearsome member of the Dragonkin. The castle is covered with symbols of Dragonkin.

At the end of While Guthix Sleeps, a cutscene takes place in a similar looking location where the Necrosyrtes plot to bring terror to Gielinor and its races.

The Dragonkin Castle may be the location of the mysterious Dragonkin 'vault' where the Elder Mirror was placed by the Necrosyrtes and then taken by Kerapac.

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