Reinforced dinosaur pelt

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A reinforced dinosaur pelt is a required item for upgrading the Hunter lodge to tier 3 at the Anachronia base camp. It is rarely found while catching ruby harvests or black warlocks, while trapping yellow salamanders, or as a reward from Big Game Hunter. The pelt drop is only possible while catching these creatures on Anachronia.

Reinforced dinosaur pelts can also be obtained from the Dream of Iaia skilling plots after the completion of the Extinction quest.

Receiving the reinforced dinosaur pelt with a full inventory gives the following message:

You find a rare resource but don't have room in your backpack so it falls to the floor.

Investigating it will give the message "This looks very rare. This can be used to upgrade the hunter lodge to tier 3 at the base camp."

Once received, talk to Giles to upgrade the lodge.

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