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Obscured island on the World Map

Anachronia first appeared in the north-east corner of the World Map on 20 May 2019, obscured by clouds, together with the Varrock Dig Site update. With this update, Professor Tony, Seth Minas, and Associate Reiniger, located at the Varrock Dig Site, were also given dialogue where they discuss travelling to an island. The NPCs argue over their preferences for referring to the island as The Floating Land of Petrified Remains, TIFKAFI, and The Island Formerly Known as Fossil Island, while the player character may suggest Skull Island.

Hunter[edit | edit source]

On 10 June 2019, players who were subscribed to emails from RuneScape received an email containing a link to a YouTube[1] video revealing more information about Big Game Hunter, the new Hunter method on the island.

Big Game Hunter will introduce nine new creatures, with requirements ranging from level 75 Hunter to level 96 Hunter. Players will first need to gather resources, trap and kill the creature, collect the loot, and then skin it. The skins can be used to create a new tier 75 tank Ranged armour. The creatures will also drop 3 different pieces which can be combined into a maul, a new hexhunter bow-like equivalent for melee, which will be more effective against creatures using Ranged, whereas the hexhunter bow is more effective against creatures which use Magic.

The release of the Land Out of Time will also see the release of the Hunter skill modernisation as well as the elite Hunter outfit.

Slayer, Agility, and more[edit | edit source]

On 17 June 2019, players who were subscribed to emails from RuneScape received another email containing a link to the second behind the scenes video on YouTube[2] revealing more information.

  • Four new plant-based Slayer creatures that players can grow themselves with Farming.[3]
  • Four new dinosaur Slayer creatures.[3]
  • The above eight new Slayer creatures will range from level 90 Slayer to level 114 Slayer.
  • A new type of Slayer tasks called clusters. That basically means that instead of a red dragon task players get a dragon task, where they can choose which dragons they want to kill.
  • A new Slayer master named Laniakea which requires level 90 Slayer and level 120 combat. She can assign players a cluster task as well as regular tasks from Morvran with some of the lower tier creatures removed.
  • A new Agility course which goes all the way around the island, which is the quickest way to get from one point to another. Players can enter and leave the course at most points, as well as travel around the course in both directions.
  • Using the Agility course will also give players loot, such as codex ability pages. These pages can be used to make codices for the upgraded variants of Surge and Escape. Players can also make tradeable versions which will cost more pages to create.
  • New overgrown idol, mining sites, some traditional Hunter spots, as well as Fishing spots.
  • The island is divided in three different biomes (see gallery below) and one of them includes a new Herblore distraction and diversion (D&D).
  • A base camp which can be interacted with in a similar way to player-owned port. Progressing through this will unlock benefits which will help players around the island.
  • Fragments can be found while doing any of the activities on the island which can be used to build totems. These totems will have time saving benefits, one of them reduces auras' cooldowns by 15%. There will be 8 totems of which up to 3 can be active at the same time. They require some upkeep to stay active.

Story of Anachronia[edit | edit source]

On 24 June 2019, players who were subscribed to emails from RuneScape received another email containing a link to the third and final behind the scenes video on YouTube[4] revealing more information.

  • Player joining Mr. Mordaut's expedition with the barge Stormbreaker built at the Varrock Dig Site during the Breaking the Storm event.
  • Kerapac is on the island with The Needle. Possibly meaning Orthen is located on the island or is another name for it.
  • Laniakea joined the expedition to the island with the adventurer.
  • A Fremennik hunter called Irwinsson who wanted to prove himself by finding the island arrived on the island soon after Kerapac and witnessed something which resulted in him being 'damaged'.

Breaking the Storm[edit | edit source]

Breaking the Storm is a time-limited event, led by Mr. Mordaut, in which players can help to build the boat at the Varrock Dig Site to sail to Anachronia.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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