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Kalibath chathead.png

Kalibath is a Necrosyrte Dragonkin that features in Hero's Welcome. He helps Sakirth, Strisath and Tarshak kill V using the Elder Mirror, and accompanies them back to the Dragonkin Lair in the Ancient Cavern.

When Tarshak tries to assume command of the Necrosyrte Dragonkin, the Necrosyrtes refuse to listen to him and fight him. Tarshak knocks back Sakrith and Strisath, but when he attacks Kalibath, his attacks fail, to his confusion. Kalibath then reveals that he wore one of his protection charms, reducing the strength of his attacks. After Tarshak flees the Lair, he is seen interrogating a captured White Knight on Saradomin's weakness. The player must sneak past him without attracting his attention in order to progress with the quest.

He reappears at the end of the quest alongside his fellow Necrosyrtes to see Tarshak's body, and then proceeds to argue with Kerapac and the Dactyl over how to deal with the False Users, before their argument broke into a fight.