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Ancient zygomites are zygomites that can be found throughout the entire island of Anachronia. They can be found by pulling up flowers. There are a total of 60 to be found across the island. When a zygomite is found, it plays a twinkling sound effect for all nearby players. Finding all zygomites requires level 85 agility (this requirement may be lowered by using Agility boosts). Players can see a list of all zygomites and the ones that they have found in the Hero interface, the Achievements tab on the top, achievements tab on the left, Exploration, Anachronia, 11th out of 22.

Finding 20 gives Totem of Treasure base. Finding 40 gives Totem of Navigation middle. Finding all 60 completes the Leave No Zygomite Buried achievement and also gives Totem of Auras top.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Number Name Location Coordinates
1 Abel Very north-west point north of carrion and cannibal jadinkos, north-west from the green vine blossom patch at the end of the path. 19°01' s 91°09' e
2 Amy On the peninsula to the north-east of the ripper dinosaurs. 28°48' s 102°37' e
3 Barry Totem to the south-east of lampenfloras then go south of the pond near two mushrooms. 29°13' s 99°5'
4 Bernadette On the path below the eastern cave entrance of the Anachronia Agility Course. 21°43' s 95°0' e
5 Beth North of corbicula rex near the cross vines shortcut. 24°50' s 100°46' e
6 Beverly Just west of Morty (another ancient zygomite), right inside an doorway in the ruins. East of the scimitops. 30°5' s 95°43' e
7 Bobby On the path below Happy (another ancient zygomite). The path is a dead end at the water south-west of the base camp. 26°35' s 92°16' e
8 Carter Directly north outside of a ruined temple, which is part of the Anachronia Agility Course. This ruined temple is south of the Feral Dinosaurs. 20°39' s 96°30' e
9 Charlie North path from the luminous snagglers, second bulbous cactus at the base. West of the volcano. 22°20' s 89°9' e
10 Chibs West of the north-easternmost ruins. 22°1' s 100°41' e
11 Chris On the cliff just north of the lampenfloras 26°52' s 99°13' e
12 Clay On the riverbed just west of the liverworts. 23°28' s 97°9' e
13 Cricket In collapsed building next to the Dragonkin statue on the top of the hill north of the beach where the player initially arrived. 28°46' s 90°7' e
14 Dabby North-east end of the spicati apoterrasaur hunting area just south-east of the base camp. 27°5' s 97°28' e
15 Dank On the path underneath the Anachronia Agility Course shortcut leading to the bagrada rex. 27°54' s 91°20' e
16 Dave South-eastern peninsula on the north-east edge near the water and in between water and a tree root. North of the Mining symbol. 30°1' s 98°18' e
17 Dee South-west of The Stormbreaker, on the top of the cliff. 31°9' s 90°18' e
18 Dennis At a dead end north of the western Totem Pedestal. 24°45' s 88°20' e
19 Ed Continue south-east on the path from Mary (another ancient zygomite) and go all the way to the end. 32°13' s 101°56' e
20 Edd On a dead end path just north/north-west of bagrada rex. 26°52' s 92°28' e
21 Eddy North of the ripper dinosaurs near the fishing spots. All the way down the path to the end. 29°50' s 99°43' e
22 Frank South end of the beach where the boat arrives at the island. 30°37' s 90°5' e
23 Gemma South-east of the Herby Werby entrance. South-east of the the Ruined temple wall obstacle's eastern end. Near the traverse roots and up under the tree branch. 23°0' s 99°58' e
24 Happy Next to a large tree a few tiles east of a vine shortcut, west of the bagrada rex. 27°31' s 91°48' e
25 Howard In the south-western corner of the malletops hunting grounds. 24°16' s 94°0' e
26 James Just south of the venomous dinosaurs in the north-west of the island. Near a large, medium, and small bulbous cactus. 20°11' s 93°28' e
27 Jax East of liverworts, north of the overgrown idol. At the base of the twisty tree. 23°52' s 100°7' e
28 Jenny North-east exit of the pavosaurus rex hunting ground. Follow the east wall and away from the Feral Dinosaurs. Found right next to a bulbous cactus. 20°58' s 97°43' e
29 Jeremy North of the north-easternmost ruins. 20°13' s 100°50' e
30 Jerry Next to a bulbous cactus near the venomous dinosaurs. 19°37' s 92°22' e
31 Jessica Go north from Taylor (another ancient zygomite) and jump the roots. Right beside the ruin. Requires level 85 Agility. 26°16' s 101°37' e
32 John Hidden behind a giant skeleton in the area with cannibal jadinkos. 20°9' s 90°11' e
33 Juice With the brutish dinosaurs next to a pond. 18°56' s 96°46' e
34 June Bottom middle of the curve in the water that's south of the base camp. Directly south from the bank symbol. 27°46' s 94°35' e
35 Leonard Immediately east of north-easternmost ruins. 21°35' s 102°1' e
36 Liam South-west near the devil's snares by the rocks. 32°58' s 98°33' e
37 Mac On a cliff overlooking the ocean as the south-west peninsula begins. 30°28' s 88°54' e
38 Mary South of the building on south-east peninsula where Laniakea is. Go all the way south to the edge of the water. 33°26' s 100°15' e
39 Morty Behind a large root next to the northern-most ruined building in the area west of the ripper dinosaurs, directly south of the Spirit Grove on the map. Near some grenwalls. 29°35' s 96°22' e
40 Nate On the end of the peninsula east of the malletops hunting grounds. 24°13' s 95°58' e
41 Nero On a path just south side of the water below the base camp, east of the bagrada rex. Near a tree at the end of the path with some common jadinkos. 27°30' s 94°5' e
42 Noel Ruins south of the Feral Dinosaurs, in the same room where you can search the rubble for a totem piece. 20°54' s 95°35' e
43 Olivia South-west of the south-western Mining icon, west of all the nearby buildings. 29°20' s 89°3' e
44 Opie Next to light animica rocks on the hill north of the beach where the player arrives. 28°30' s 90°31' e
45 Pat On a ledge north-west of the spicati apoterrasaur hunting area. Close to a root of a large tree. Quite hard to spot. 27°28' s 95°39' e
46 Penny East of overgrown idols behind the dragonkin statue. 25°28' s 102°48' e
47 Pete From where The Stormbreaker landed, follow the path north closest to the water and go around until you start heading south again. Pete is located on the same height as the north end of the beach. 29°46' s 92°58' e
48 Raj Slightly west to where the camouflaged jadinkos can be found, under an overhanging tree. 20°48' s 94°3' e
49 Rami At the bottom of the mining site with the luminite and adamantite rocks on Anachronia. 24°3' s 90°15' e
50 Richard On the edge of the cliff just north-east of the poison frogs. 25°54' s 99°24' e
51 Rick South of the second Agility shortcut from the asciatops hunting grounds. 27°35' s 100°37' e
52 Ruth Near the main staircase just north of Laniakea on the south-eastern peninsula (not base camp), just to the west by a rock. 31°26' s 100°30' e
53 Sheldon Next to the ruin just north-east of Laniakea's location on the south-eastern peninsula (not base camp). 30°46' s 102°20' e
54 Stuart North of the Spirit Grove. Near the bottom of a waterfall. 24°35' s 97°5' e
55 Summer South of the hunter area below overgrown idols next to the waterfall. 26°46' s 100°58' e
56 Tara Directly south of the north-easternmost ruins. 22°48' s 101°24' e
57 Taylor South of Penny (another ancient zygomite), east of the vine Agility obstacle. West of shadow jadinkos. 27°22' s 101°30' e
58 Tig At the end of the south-west peninsula. 33°15' s 91°46' e
59 Travis Continuing on the path you found Pete (another ancient zygomite), keep going until you reach a junction where you can go north. Look at the end of this short path under some foliage. 30°46' s 93°15' e
60 Wayne From the yellow salamander hunting spot in the south part of the island and go west. On the path south of where the Anachronia Agility Course leads, go all the way to the dead end to find him. 31°16' s 94°1' e

Way through[edit | edit source]

Ancient zygomite route map
Ancient zygomite route map

Finding all the ancient zygomites is a good way to explore and gain an overview of Anachronia. Setting out from the Stormbreaker this is a good sequence to follow:

Frank - Pete - Travis - Wayne - Beverly - Morty - Dabby - Pat - June - Stuart - Clay - Nate - Howard - Carter - Bernadette - Raj - Noel - James - Jerry - Abel - John - Charlie - Dennis - Rami - Bobby - Edd - Nero - Happy - Dank - Opie - Cricket - Olivia - Mac - Dee - Tig - Jenny - Juice - Jeremy - Loenard - Chibs - Tara - Gemma (now up on the agility track) - Jax - Beth - Penny - Jessica - Taylor (NOTE: to the West of the position show on the map) - Amy - Summer - Chris - Richard - Rick - Barry - (NOTE: Slayer cape teleport to Laniakea if you have it). Sheldon - Ruth - Dave - Eddie - Liam - Mary - Ed

While doing this run search all rubble you come across in temple ruins, etc. This may not be the fastest possible route but it is quite fast. Construct the lodestone before running it - you need to tele to it a few times during the trip and follow the agility trail partially, e.g. when starting the north-eastern loop after finding Tig.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The ancient zygomites respectively named Ed, Edd, and Eddy are a reference to the television series Ed, Edd n Eddy.
  • The ancient zygomites respectively named Leonard, Penny, Amy, Sheldon, Stuart, Raj, Howard, and Bernadette are all named after the main characters of the television sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Mary, Beverly and Barry may be named after other recurring characters in the show.
  • The ancient zygomites respectively named Rick, Morty, Jerry, Beth, Summer, and Jessica are all named after characters of the animated show Rick and Morty.
  • The ancient zygomites respectively named Abel, Happy, Jax, John, Gemma, Clay, Chibs, Opie, Tig, Juice, Bobby, Wayne, Nero, and Tara are named after characters in the crime tragedy television series Sons of Anarchy.
  • The ancient zygomites respectively named Ruth, Pete, Olivia, Travis, Carter, Jenny, Dank, and Dabby are a reference to the Netflix original series Disjointed.
  • The ancient zygomites respectively named Mac, Dennis, Charlie, Dee, Frank, and Cricket are a reference to the main characters of the television sitcom It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  • The ancient zygomites respectively named James, Jeremy and Richard are a reference to the presenters of the Amazon motoring programme The Grand Tour.