Dragonkin conflicts

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The Dragonkin conflicts were a series of attacks by the legendary Necrosyrtes, a group of Dragonkin who spread terror to cool their rage. They started immediately after the God Wars and lasted for approximately two centuries until the Dragonkin were definitively repelled by the hero Robert the Strong.

After the abuse of the Stone of Jas by Saradomin and Zamorak during the God Wars, the Dragonkin, unable to stop the False Users, were tortured by Jas' curse and thus cooled their rage by attacking human settlements as the Fourth Age began. After some two hundred years, the famous hero Robert and his companion, the panther Odysseus, managed to drive the Dragonkin back to their fortress, where the pair confronted one of them. During the duel that ensued, Odysseus was killed by the Dragonkin and Robert nearly fell as well, but he managed to retaliate and kill his already wounded opponent. As the Dragonkin fell, his brethren refrained from further attacks, fearing death.

Through means currently unknown, Robert himself was reincarnated as a cat named Bob after his death. The Dragonkin would remain imprisoned until 169 of the Fifth Age.