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RuneFest 2015 was the 5th annual RuneScape convention, and was held on 3 October 2015, again at Tobacco Dock in London. It shared a steampunk theme, based on the elite skill Invention, along with a vampyre theme. It was announced on 16 June 2015.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Venue[edit | edit source]

RuneFest 2015 was the third RuneFest held at Tobacco Dock, in London (50 Porters Walk, London, Greater London E1W 2SF).

Tickets and Accommodation[edit | edit source]

Manage Bonds (RuneFest 2015).png
Redeeming a bond for RuneFest 2015.png
Redeeming a bond for RuneFest 2015 confirmation.png

Tickets cost £99 each. They were also available to buy through bonds.

1 ticket 35 bonds

Accommodation for the nearby Guoman Tower Hotel[1] could also be bought through bonds.

Twin room - night before (2nd October) 55 bonds
Twin room - night after (3rd October) 55 bonds

Flights to London could also be bought with bonds. The amount of bonds required to pay for a flight depended on where the person is flying from and when they arrived and departed.

Zemomarks[edit | edit source]

Zemomarks were the currency for RuneFest 2015, bought in-game with bonds. They could be bought before or during the event, collected from the bank area.

1 bond 15 zemomarks Worth £3
5 bonds 75 zemomarks Worth £15
10 bonds 150 zemomarks Worth £30

The Night Before[edit | edit source]

The Night Before RuneFest party was held at Namco Funscape, London (Riverside Buildings, Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7PB). Tickets could be bought for £15 and attendees received a drinks token upon arrival.

Main event[edit | edit source]

The goodie bag contents.
Lanyard details.
The lanyard map of the venue.

The doors opened at 10am, and closed at 11pm. The whole event was livestreamed on Twitch, hosted by Darren Jeffries and Matt Littler.

Goodie bag[edit | edit source]

Attendees received a goodie bag upon arrival, which included:

  • RuneFest 2015 lanyard
  • RuneFest 2015 marker pen
  • RuneFest 2015 bag
  • RuneFest 2015 pen
  • RuneFest 2015 notebook
  • RuneFest 2015 pin badge
  • Code for a RuneFest dragonling
  • Vampire fangs
  • A rubber duck named Monty, with a leaflet
  • A bottle of water
  • Food and drink tokens
  • Hero's Welcome spot the differences picture
  • Penguin Hide and Seek leaflet
  • Hunt the JMods booklet

Revealed future updates[edit | edit source]

Schedule[edit | edit source]

Main stage[edit | edit source]

Mod Conor hosted the main stage for the day.

Time Topic Mods
11:00 RS3 Combat Showcase Mod Avatar, Mod Daze, Mod Deg, Mod Ollie, Mod Pi, Mod Ramen, Mod Timbo
12:00 Invention & Elite Skills Mod Moltare, Mod Osborne, Mod Timbo
13:00 RuneScape NXT Mod Dark, Mod Lordgit, Mod Philip, Mod Samy, Mod Titus
14:00 Chronicle Mod ThatJim, Mod Fox30, Mod Merchant
15:00 Old School Reveals Mod Alfred, Mod Archie, Mod Ash, Mod Ghost, Mod Ian, Mod John C, Mod Kieren, Mod Mat K, Mod Ronan
16:00 RS3 Reveals Mod Mark, Mod Osborne, Paul and Andrew Gower
17:00-19:00 Golden Gnome Awards Mod Alfred, Mod Archie, Mod Ash, Mod Balance, Mod JD, Mod Lee, Mod Luna, Mod Mac, Mod Mat K, Mod Mark, Mod Osborne, Mod Pips, Mod Ronan, Mod Whalefis,

Secondary stage[edit | edit source]

Time Topic Mods
11:00 Ninja Q&A Mod Chaose, Mod Hunter, Mod Kelpie, Mod Manti, Mod Timbo
12:00 Old School Q&A Mod Alfred, Mod Archie, Mod Ash, Mod Ian, Mod John C, Mod Kieren, Mod Ronan
13:00 How to get your ideas in game
14:00 Old School Streamers Q&A Mod Archie, B0aty, iamkeeferz, ianspam, Lord Kirk, Skiddler, MmorpgRS, RajjPatel, ROBBOsickdog
15:00 Quest Q&A Mod Jack, Mod Ollie, Mod Osborne, Mod Raven, Mod Rowley, Mod Stu

Skilling chips[edit | edit source]

As with previous RuneFests, various skilling chips were awarded for completing various activities around the venue. This years chips represented God factions.

God symbol Activity
Armadyl Find all the penguins and figure out the anagram.

Present the sheet at the Bank once complete. The word was Inspiration.

Bandos Visit the Invention Room and create an origami RuneScape monster.
Brassica Prime Hunt down and collect 8 JMod signatures in your signature book and present it at the Bank.
Guthix Find the Stone of Jas and take a selfie with it!
Tuska Successfully Hook a Mega Duckling.

Hook and unhook a vampire rubber duck wearing a cape.

V Spot all the differences between the Hero's Welcome picture in your goody bag, and the one set up downstairs.

Present the sheet at the Bank once complete.

Zamorak Locate an assassin who changes location every hour. Clues can be found in the Old School computer area.
Zaros Dare to traverse the Broken Home Manor and face what lies within.

The skilling chip could be obtained from one of the dark holes in the wall in the manor.

RuneFest 2015 logo Show the other eight skilling chips at the Bank.

Ground floor[edit | edit source]

The ground floor contained:

  • Chronicle: RuneScape Legends room - available to play, including on Oculus Rift
  • Cloakroom
  • Grand Exchange - could buy zemomarks, and merchandise
  • Main and secondary stages
  • NXT room - available to play
  • Photo booth - green screen, props available
  • PC room

Lower level[edit | edit source]

The lower level had a vampyre theme, decorated with cobwebs and gravestones. it contained:

  • Audio room - see how sound effects are made, make your own
  • Broken Home mansion
  • Crypt resting area
  • Food vendors and band
  • Hero's Welcome spot the difference
  • Hook a Mega Duckling
  • Invention room - make a bobblehead
  • VR and Art room

VR and Art Room[edit | edit source]

Three Oculus Rifts were available to play, and took the player through the Aquarium, Tarddiad, Mazcab, and a cave featuring Araxxor.

The room also had a table full of concept art able to take away, and a giant board to sign.

Merchandise[edit | edit source]

There were various bits of RuneScape and RuneFest merchandise available to buy from the Grand Exchange.

Item Price Zemomarks
Concept art £2.50 15
God caps £25.00 125
Hoodie £35.00
Poisoned dragon dagger
RuneFest beanie hat £7.50
RuneFest mouse mat £5.00 30
RuneFest mug £5.00 25
RuneFest shot glass £7.50
RuneFest skilling chips display box £10.00 50
RuneFest small bag £2.50 10
RuneScape wallet £20.00 100
RuneScape word fridge magnets £7.50
RuneScape wristband
Runes £1.50 each 10
Skulled keyring £3.00
T-shirt £15.00
Felt Partyhat £5.00 25

After party[edit | edit source]

The after party featured dancers, Beat a Maxx, and a balloon drop party. Codes for merchandise and membership could be won inside the balloons.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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