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The Dead Walk! [1] was an official event released by Jagex in the leadup to the 2011 Halloween event. It was announced on 14 October.[2]

The event included undead possessing the living and the spawning of level 24, 26 and 73 zombies and crawling hands. The monsters were able to spawn in any world in any place at any time, including F2P worlds.

The frequency of the 'attacks' increased as Hallowe'en nears, as was hinted in the update:

"The sages augur that as we approach All Hallows Eve we will see the power of the unquiet dead grow, from the crawling hands seen recently, to shambling, dangerous zombies in the weeks leading up to Halloween. The scrying pools grow dark and our seers dare not delve into events surrounding Halloween itself; all we know is that whatever manifests will be truly terrible."

Despite rumours, there were no rewards other than fun and the bones dropped for killing the hordes.

Official Friends Chats[edit | edit source]

The three major friends chats for this event were "UndeadTracks", "UndeadWatch" and "UndeadSights". These could be used to report and find the monsters. On the first day of release there was only one friends chat, UndeadTracks, which overflowed on the day itself. After that Jagex started releasing new chats for the events, as to combat the overcrowding.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The spawns could happen in a safe area on any world – members or free to play – but occurred in the following locations:

Clues[edit | edit source]

Clues as to location and world were released soon before an attack by a Jagex moderator on the official forum thread. You could also follow the attacks by joining the friends chat channels in game, where scouts and zombie hunters exchanged information and organised themselves.

Jmod infection[edit | edit source]

During this event, some Jagex moderators (Mods Kathy, Crow and Carlos) became infected and turned into zombies, attacking players using extremely high health (boosted high above normal health, which was seen when a player using enchanted ruby bolts hit more than 3000 against them) while wearing Torva, Korasi's Sword and a Zombie Mask and summoning Tz-Tok-Jad twice in Clan Wars, once on a F2P world, being the first time that a P2P monster has been seen in F2P.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The level 26 zombie's examine text was "It's funny how many of these you see around Hallowe'en."
  • Although the post stated that the hands would come through to Gielinor first, they seemed to appear on the second wave most times.
  • It is also worth noting that these zombies were different to the usual attackable NPCs - they had hair, and were not aggressive. A Salve amulet did not have an extra effect on them, and Crumble Undead did not work.

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References[edit | edit source]

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