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The 2010 Easter event, officially named Egg-streme Management, was released on 29 March 2010, and ended on 12 April 2010. This event saw the return of the Easter Bunny Jr and his factory in a similar fashion to the 2009 Easter event.

Official description[edit | edit source]

A year has passed since Easter Bunny Jr. took over the family business and became responsible for the annual distribution of chocolate treats to the people of RuneScape. He’s been busy all year, modernising the factory to meet increasing demand and making ambitious plans for the next Easter celebration. Alongside the usual plethora of sugary delights, the Easter Bunny plans to offer a range of alternatives, catering for the wide variety of cultures who celebrate Easter in their own way. The Bunny’s heart is certainly in the right place, but logistical concerns have come second to his grand vision and now he’s struggling to meet his orders. He needs your help to get things back on track and make this Easter the best yet.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Starting off[edit | edit source]

Map of the area
The location of Charlie the Squirrel
A player talking to Charlie the Squirrel to begin the quest.

Players could start the event by talking to Charlie the squirrel, who was located south of Falador. After talking to him you would to go down the nearby hole. You could not go in with anything in your inventory. The first time (and the first time only), Charlie would give you the option to send your whole inventory to your bank account. Either way, an empty pack was needed to enter the hole.

Once inside, you must go north into the next room where you will meet Easter Bunny Jr and Easta Buni (an Ice troll), who is extorting him for rock cake. The Easter Bunny will ask you to help him fix the modernized factory and you will agree.

Cleaning the oven[edit | edit source]

The Oven

You will need to speak to an Impling manager before you can clean the oven. Go to the oven, which is the northern-most machine in the factory. Left-click the oven to obtain the Dirty cog, Dirty pipe and Dirty pistons, and wash them in the water behind the oven by using each one on the water. Then, use the clean cog, clean pipe, and clean pistons with the oven to put them back. Talk to the Impling manager, who will send you back to the Easter Bunny.

Making the glaze[edit | edit source]

The egg-painting machine
The colour wheel

The bunny will tell you to fix the egg/bread glazing machine and so you must go to it. It is the southern-most machine. Talk to the impling in charge and he will tell you he needs glaze from one of the crates. The supplies are in one of the boxes in the workshop. The location is different for every player. Once you have found the glaze crate, give it to the manager impling. He will then unpack the crate and give you a vial of red glaze, a vial of yellow glaze, a vial of blue glaze, a glaze colour wheel, and a bowl. Talk to him again to discover what colour you need to make (a total of three colours). You can mix the glazes by using them with the bowl he gave you. If you mix too many (3) different colours, you will get a bowl of black mess and you will have to empty the bowl. Once you made all glazes needed, the manager would send you back to the Bunny.

Colour swapping
Amount 1st colour Amount 2nd colour Outcome
1 Red 1 Blue Purple
1 Red 2 Blue Indigo
1 Red 1 Yellow Orange
1 Red 2 Yellow Amber
1 Yellow 1 Blue Green
2 Red 1 Yellow Vermilion
2 Yellow 1 Blue Chartreuse
2 Red 1 Blue Magenta
2 Blue 1 Yellow Aquamarine

Training the squirrels[edit | edit source]

The conveyor belt.

After finishing the glaze making, you must then go back to the Easter Bunny who will report that the squirrels on the conveyor belt need training. Go talk to Big Ben who will put you at the controls of the conveyor. Ignore any nuts or chocolate and let them pass but press the red button when a toy (possibly General Graardor), a broken peanut, or a screw comes by. Now go back to the Bunny again. He will put you in charge of the entire factory. But first you have to motivate the Easter bird.

Convincing the Easter Bird[edit | edit source]

Easter Bird chathead.png

Go South of the Easter Bunny until you see the Easter Bird. Talk to him, and select the responses that will anger him to make the chocolate. There are only two multiple-choice questions, so you will have to make your own decision on which one to choose. Once you are finished, go back to Easter Bunny Jr.

Factory management[edit | edit source]

The idea here is to make 7 of each treat. The advised way is to stock up your supply of fruit, chocolate, and nuts, then create the treats. Each treat requires 2 of the 3 things, which brings the total to 14 of each food items. You start out with 5 workers, so naturally recruiting more workers will enable you to gather those food items at a faster rate per turn. Any number of recruits can be used, but they cost 2 random items out of your supplies. Ideally, you would want to increase the stock of each food item to 14 by assigning workers to make them during that turn. After that, stop assigning workers to gather food items. Assign them to make the treats: fruit Cake, nutty eggs, and tangy egg bread. It is not necessary to have 15 workers, as it can easily be done with 5 to 8. You cannot fail, as one can always start over and try again before the final turn.

  • For Fruit Cake, you will need one Fruit and one Chocolate.
  • For Tangy egg bread, you will need one Fruit and one Nuts.
  • For Nutty eggs, you will need one Chocolate and one Nuts.

When the turn is finished, one of the following events may occur:

  • Nothing happens.
  • A machine may break. You can fix it yourself or you can order the workers to fix it, by clicking the box next to the machine in your next turn.
  • You may find 3 extra resources.
  • You may lose 3 resources.

Factory Management

You can use the arrows to get more resources for the next turn, or to set the amount of product that need to be made for the next turn. To recruit more workers, click the recruit-button. You will need to have 7 of each product (cake, bread, and eggs) to win. Once that is done, the game will automatically end. If you manage to do it within 15 turns, you will get an additional reward at the end.

The score screen of the activity


  • If you do not think you will be able to complete the orders in 15 turns or less, simply talk to the Easter Bunny again and select the second option to reset the factory. You can then try again to get it in 15 turns or fewer so that you can get the bonus reward.
  • The lower the score at the end of the game, the better. Each turn you take adds 101 points to your score. Employing squirrels and having left-over resources subtract from your score, -10 points for each left over resource and -10 points for each employed worker (keep in mind, lower scores are better).
  • Don't leave any broken machinery unfixed because it will add 50 points to your final score. Also, if you finish in 15 or less turns, 100 points will be subtracted off your score as well. It seems to be most beneficial to use the first couple turns to get as many workers as possible to make your score as low as possible, since they will both reduce your points for being hired and will gather resources faster (fewer turns and more leftover resources).
  • If you are trying to minimise your score, repairing the machines yourself will save you since you will not need to use up a worker to do it. You can exit the management window and restart from where you left off, so this is not a problem. Simply fix the machines (or train the squirrels) in the same way you did previously in the event. Once they are fixed, talk to the Easter Bunny again and choose the first option to resume managing the factory.
  • Recruiting to 15 employees in the first few turns by producing only resources and then producing each finished good and resource in a balanced way will allow a finish in 7 to 9 turns.

Deliveries[edit | edit source]

The Easter Bunny will give you a map and a delivery box. You have to deliver goods to recipients in three different cities:

You should talk to each courier to finish your delivery. You must finish the whole conversation, otherwise he will not have taken the supplies. If you need to know exactly where to go, check the map that the Easter Bunny gave you. It will open up the World map with three special markers for the couriers. If walking, home teleport to Lumbridge (or walk to Falador, then Varrock then Lumbridge if you have ancient magicks. For lunar spells, go to a non-members world and cast home teleport) and deliver the supplies to the Lumbridge courier. Then go through Varrock (delivering the supplies) then to Falador and back to the Easter Bunny. For non-members, use the home teleport after getting the items then head to Varrock via any path then to Falador through the Barbarian Village route. If you have cabbage port, teleport to the Falador cabbage patch, then walk or teleport to the Grand Exchange, and finally home-teleport to Lumbridge. Members can cabbage-port to Falador, then home-port to Lumbridge, and finally take a canoe to Varrock. After the last delivery, go back to Easter Bunny!

Finishing off[edit | edit source]

After you have finished with the deliveries, you must speak with the Easter Bunny for your reward (no need to talk to Charlie again).

Congratulations! Event Complete.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

2010 Easter event reward.png
  • Squirrel ears, which give access to summoning Charlie the Squirrel and Fluffy once every 30 minutes (only one at a time if you didn't complete Factory Management in fewer than 15 turns) and the Juggle Emote, which you can activate by right-clicking the worn ears.
  • Players who didn't have the "Around the World in Eggty Days" emote unlocked the emote.
  • Players who didn't have the "Bunny-hop" emote, unlocked the emote.
  • You can replay the Factory Management game as long as the event stays.

Music[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Credits[edit | edit source]

2010 Easter event
DeveloperMod Fnord

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included—see here for how to help out!
  • patch 24 June 2010 (Update):
    • Egg-streme Management should no longer appear on the Adventurer's Log for those who've not started it.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When you completed the event, your Adventurer's Log would say "Ran the Easter Bunny's factory and gained a squirrel friend."
  • The Twitter hint for this update was: EBJ requires a middle manager. Are you up for it?
  • One of the items that appears on the conveyor belt appeared to be a plush General Graardor Doll, similar to the one in the 2009 Easter event.
  • When trying to enter the rabbit hole with the 10th squad sigil from Monkey Madness quest equipped, Charlie would say "Monkey Madness is it? I'll gie ye madness, Pal! Get that sigil off ye afore ye go doonstairs."
  • When talking to Charlie he threatens to give a Miscellania kiss, which is a head-butt also known as a Glasgow kiss.
  • When talking to the Goblin Courier, if you had completed the Goblin Diplomacy quest, you asked if they would rather have brown fireworks because they "like the colour brown better", but the Goblin Courier says, "Brown okay, we like brown, just look silly for fireworks."
  • The name of the event 'Egg-streme Management' is a play on words for extreme management.
  • After you have completed the deliveries, the Easter Bunny mentions the 'Popular Squirrel Front'. This is a reference to the 'Judean People's Front', the 'People's Front of Judea', the 'Popular Front', and other similarly named organisations from Monty Python's Life of Brian.
  • The event area could be viewed from Barbarian Assault with orb of oculus.