2014 April Fools

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The 2014 April Fools' Day event featured the Sailing skill and various other small jokes. The Sailing skill could be found hidden at the bottom of the list of skills found in the Hero tab. It was not visually displayed under the "skills" tab, nor could one earn experience in the skill in any way. The highest level for the "skill" was 120, which only granted normal skill mastery instead of true skill mastery. The destinations tab of the skill also listed the anticipated Fossil Island as a place to sail to at level 120 sailing.

Also featured was the default animation for tending a bonfire to be changed from throwing logs in the fire, to the player throwing a random coloured party hat.

There were also a few changes made on the RuneScape Forums which include:

  • An internal staff section filled with joke posts was visible on the forums. Later declared to be a "technical issue" in a newspost.
  • The Clan Leader Forums were renamed "Cake Lovers".
  • A thread accepting applications to become a FMod was opened in General, claiming that all players that posted would be automatically accepted.

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Black partyhat[edit | edit source]

A Jmod turned into a black partyhat.

There were sightings of JMods turned into black partyhats. Attempting to request assistance from them resulted in the message "Jagex Mods cannot use the assist system to help you.", as usual, and following functions normally too. Attempting to report them resulted in "You can't report an object!", and attempting to trade with them also resulted in only a chat box message.

Attempting to telegrab the Jmod resulted in a message saying "You feel like something has gone terribly, terribly wrong", and you would turn into either a "sepia partyhat", "off-white partyhat", "teal partyhat", "orange partyhat" or "garish-pink partyhat" for a few seconds, having the same right click options as the JMod turned into a partyhat.

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