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Runefest puzzle book can no longer be obtained in RuneScape after an update but still exists in-game for those who had done so.
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The Runefest puzzle book was used during the 2011 RuneFest crossover event being obtained from Fame. There are twenty-six questions in the book that must be answered along with a cipher from players at RuneFest in order to solve the puzzle.

The book cannot be taken outside of the citadel, leaving the citadel will cause the book to disappear with the message "Any Deathcon II books you had have returned to The Horsemen's library."

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P = 14

A = 26
SS = 24
W = 19
O = 18
R = 6
D = 22

Questions[edit | edit source]

  • Question 1) How many skeletons are hanging out in the senate room?
Answer: 26

There is a total of 26 Skeletons, through out the Deathcon Citadel Senate.

  • Question 2) Add together your answers to questions 5, 13 and 26, then divide by 3.
Answer: 22
  • Question 3) How many crows are flying near the battlefield entrance?
Answer: 7

The battlefield is located to the west of the Noticeboard.

  • Question 4) Add together your answers to questions 7, 14 and 22.
Answer: 22
  • Question 5) There's a number in the message carved into the Woodcutting skill spot.
Answer: 20

Upon inspecting the tree to the east of the keep, a player receives the message "Carved into the bark is a large heart shape, in which is written 'War + Peace', followed by an 'XX'."
XX is roman numerals for 20.

  • Question 6) Add together your answers to questions 3, 20 and 21.
Answer: 19
  • Question 7) The number of black tiles on the upper roof minus the number of white tiles is...
Answer: 1

There are 98 black tiles and 97 white tiles.

  • Question 8) What is Frank's lucky number? (Best go ask him on the roof.)
Answer: 13

Simply talk to Frank on the roof.

  • Question 9) Excluding the RIP tent, how many other tents are pitched at Deathcon?
Answer: 17

5 Tents are located west of the noticeboard, the rest are to the east.

  • Question 10) How many minutes of Fame's time does everyone get?
Answer: 15

Simply talk to Fame inside the theatre on the roof.

  • Question 11) Add together your answers to questions 1, 17 and 21.
Answer: 18
  • Question 12) Count the number of skull-shaped plants, then divide by 4. (Note: there's one big one and lots of s mall ones.)
Answer: 11

There are a total of 44 skull-shaped plants including the big one. The small ones mainly surround the skill plots with the exception of the 5 along the path near the big one.

  • Question 13) Diango needs a punch! Sock it to 'im!
Answer: 21

Get a goblet of punch from the punchbowl and use it on Diango.

  • Question 14) This pet's bark is more of a clue than his bite.
Answer: 3

After petting Muncher, located outside the RIP tent, he will bark 3 times.

  • Question 15) In total, how many legs do the five welcome portal statues have?
Answer: 18
  • Question 16) How many gravestones are west of the cordon in the showroom (e.g. Dardar's stock)?
Answer: 14

There are 14 gravestones west of the cordon in the showroom located west of the meeting area.

  • Question 17) What number is in one of the showroom gravestone's epitaphs? (Note: it's not 'one'.)
Answer: 9

The Ancient symbol gravestone says "Requiescat in pace. IX." 'IX' being roman numerals for 9.

  • Question 18) How many legs is infinity making use of? (Note: It's more than you might think.)
Answer: 6
  • Question 19) Add together your answers to questions 10, 12, 16 and 18 then divide by 2.
Answer: 24
  • Question 20) How many glowing windows are on the first two floors of the keep's southern wall?
Answer: 8

There are 4 windows on the ground floor and 4 on the second.

  • Question 21) How many gravestones are east of the cordon in the showroom (e.g. Aereck's stock)?
Answer: 4

There are 4 gravestones to the east of the cordon in the showroom which is located west of the meeting area.

  • Question 22) How many stars are visible on the theatre's backdrop?
Answer: 2

The backdrop is on the stage of the theatre, 1 star on either side.

  • Question 23) Add together your answers to questions 9, 15 and 25, then divide by 4.
Answer: 19
  • Question 24) Multiply your answer to question 8 by 2.
Answer: 26
  • Question 25) What number is related to Burrough's enigma? (Note: Check the event noticeboard.)
Answer: 23

Checking the noticeboard reveals a note from Burrough with several 23's.

  • Question 26) Search the pumpkins in the patch until you find a familiar face...
Answer: 25

Pumpkin Pete's location isn't the same for everyone.

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