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Game Jam (October 2018) was the second Game Jam of 2018 and began on Thursday 18 October. The first day was a "design jam" with developers pitching ideas and gaining feedback on them. Game Jam project related channels were set up in the official RuneScape Discord server for this purpose. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were "development jam" days. Unlike previous Game Jams there was no livestreaming during development days to allow developers to concentrate fully on developing their projects. January and February release slots have been set aside for content created during this Game Jam. [1] It will have a focus on reducing "dailyscape" (repetitive daily tasks), increasing combat diversity, and tidying up areas of the game.

Projects[edit | edit source]

Team Project Ideas
Mod Raven and Mod Rowley Player-owned farm farm hands (Released)
  • Relatively high initial unlock cost as well as maintenance cost (in beans). Purchased from Granny Potterington.
  • Players can dismiss and recall farm hands when they want them.
  • Provide unique benefits:
    • The Trapper - sent off by the player and returns with any type and breed of animal, except shinies but including those animals normally only obtainable through combat.
    • Babysitter - applied to a particular paddock and prevents all animals within the paddock from ageing past adolescence. Cost is charged when an animal is prevented from aging.
    • Collector - applied to breeding pens, once the pen is full animals will continue to breed but will produce unchecked versions of the animals and a limited number of these will be stored with the farm hand. Payment is taken when an animal is stored.

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Player-owned farm quality of life improvements
  • Make special honeycomb stackable. (Released)
  • Way to set which animal contracts you receive. (Released)
  • A way to sell unwanted animals for a cheap price. (Released)
  • Title for breeding log - Old Mc? (Released)
  • Add new farming upgrades to the Bean There, Done That achievement. (Released)
  • Rotating animal models in interface.
  • Make shiny animals count as wilds for traits (increase their bean value by 15%). (Released)
  • Possibly a system for bad luck mitigation for animal drops (for example, if something has a 1/2000 drop chance, it would be 1/2000 for the first 1999 attempts, but guaranteed on the 2000th attempt; however, any time you receive a drop, your cumulative count resets to 0)
  • Possibly a way to opt in and out of catch up tick.
  • Competitions:
    • Competition from an NPC for animal meeting specific criteria.
    • Player can enter an animal (it is not returned).
    • NPC announces results and player gets beans, and possibly other rewards, depending on how well their animal compared to others entered.
  • Dogs.[2]
Mod Breezy and Mod Shrew Fire spirits improvements (Released)
  • Extra 100 xp for next 1-5 logs burnt. Divine fire spirits give same bonus for 1-4 logs and also 100 Divination xp per log.
  • Firelighters give a 5 minute buff (stackable up to 60 minutes) for striking. Automatically absorbs fire spirits when there is inventory space and gives 1.3x rewards.
  • Pyromaniac counts the number of logs burned at once.
  • Turn fire spirits into a catchable item that stacks in inventory, like prawn balls.
  • Timer bar on fire spirit to show how long left before it disappears.

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New piece of jewellery aimed at low-mid level players to encourage them to participate in Distractions and Diversions[4]
  • Available from an NPC once mainland lodestones have been unlocked.
  • Introduces player to the D&Ds, will not teleport to all locations.
  • Will be rechargeable.
Quest interface back button
  • Add new UI button to navigate back to previous quest pages when clicking through quests required for each other.[4]
Slayer creature resource dungeon (Released)
  • New resource dungeon to reduce competition for abyssal demons and dark beasts.
  • 2x groups of 8 abyssal demons and 2x groups of 7 dark beasts.
  • Some imps that may be killed by AOE attacks to give a chance for a champion's scroll.
  • Lore book about the portal from the abyss located in the centre of the dungeon, explaining how the creatures were transported into the dungeon vie the abyss.
  • Located outside Slayer Tower and requires level 100 Dungeoneering.[4]

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Mod Shauny Quality of life fixes


Guardians of Armadyl quest[3]
Mod Erator, Mod Sova, and Mod Cel Reducing DailyScape
  • Looking into Guthixian Cache and Soul Reaper.
    • Random times for cache spawns, only allow player who were training Divination to participate.
    • Change game play to be less competitive.
    • Depositing memories into cache would give Divination experience and reward experience would become bonus experience (equivalent to 10 minutes of training).
    • No limit to the amount of times cache could be participated in; and memory conversion bonus would be given every time with the duration reduced to 15 minutes. Other bonuses would be removed.
    • Diviner's outfit drop rate would be reduced.
    • Possibly alter traditional Divination training to account for changing Guthixian Cache.[3]


  • Mod Sova is looking at making some new machines to help with dailyscape.
  • Mod Sova is also going to be working on his previous TAPP to allow players to change what left-click/hotkey does for items on their action bar.[13]

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Mod Pi, Mod Shogun, and Mod Iago Weapon diversity (cancelled)
  • Give all weapon types a unique effect that spans all combat tiers. Types of weapon being considered:
    • Melee: daggers, shortswords, rapiers, hastae, spears, defenders, scimitars, longsword, battleaxe, 2H sword, halberd/scythe, whip, mace, warhammer, and maul.
    • Magic: staff, wand, orb, book, and rebounder, and fire, air, water, and earth spell types.
    • Ranged: shortbow, shieldbow, composite bow, chargebow, longbow, 2H crossbow, pistol crossbow/1H crossbow, repriser, dart, knife, throwing axes, javelin, and chinchompas.[16]


Mod Stu Quest system improvements (Released)
  • Rewrite, simplify and standardise the various back end quest systems to increase consistency and make the system easier to maintain and develop in the future.
  • Quest data will be moved to a centralised system and other systems such as achievements will be adapted to use this.
  • Player-facing benefits of making the quest sortable by different things, adding consistent information to interfaces etc.

[17] [3] [18]

Replace Path System with Achievement paths (Released)
  • Growth project to improve new player experience.
  • Build on re-introduction of Tutorial Island as tutorial: players currently go to Taverley after the tutorial and are directed by the path system to complete The Blood Pact in Lumbridge. Change to players going straight to Lumbridge and receiving less direction so that they can explore by themselves.
  • Daily challenges become available on second login to direct the player to Burthorpe/Taverley and have further direction from achievement path in that area.
  • Ashdale Tutorial will be fully removed but the area will remain in game.
  • The Blood Pact has been updated to reflect new combat systems. The tutorials will focus on Revolution. The Combat Academy will cover more advanced combat and will be included in an achievement path for Combat Academy.[17]

[3] [18]

Remove/simplify some quest requirements (Released)

[3] [18]

Declutter Burthorpe and Taverley
  • Optimise the area as a social hub and intensive skilling area for newer players.
  • More details in the design doc.

[17] [3] [18]

Mod Timbo Increasing the value of seeds (on hold - project too large to complete during Game Jam)
  • New tradeable item called Super-Gro made by using pestle and mortar on seeds. Higher level and more valuable seeds produce more super-gro. Has a number of functions:
    • Consume to gain 6 minute buff of 50% experience from allotments, flowers, herbs, bushes and hops or 10% from checking trees, fruit trees or player-owned farm animals.
    • Consume to gain 6 minute buff of double harvest from allotments, flowers, herbs, bushes, and hops and 50% chance to get two logs/produce from trees, fruit trees and player-owned farm animals.
    • Spend 175% of Super-Gro needed for one of these buffs to have both at the same time.
    • Mix Super-Gro with fellstalk potion (unf) to create a 1 dose ultra-growth potion.
    • Super-Gro can be used as universal food for animals that makes them grow 10% faster.
    • Stacks with juju farming potion, greenfingers aura, Farming skillcape perk, and patch bombs.
  • Remove higher level seeds and maybe herbs from drop tables and other problem areas. Remove seeds generally from drop tables.[19]
Incense burners (Released)
  • Create a key milestone for Firemaking to give more purpose to the skill.
  • Combine herbs, Prayer ashes, and logs to create consumable incense that can be burned to give different gameplay effects.
  • Burning an incense burner gives a 30 minute buff that increases in potency every 10 minutes. Can burn two burners to have a maximum duration of 60 minutes.
  • Skip the build to maximum potency by overloading the essence burner with an extra 3 essence burners to immediately burn with maximum potency.[20]


Mod Camel Achievements for important in-game items
Mod Pebble Transmog ring storage place
  • Store rings in place/item and allow rings to be activated/used via the emotes interface. (Released)
Mod Skelitor Improve the default interface layouts
  • Provide 3 different defaults for 800x600, 1280x720, and 1920x1080 px. When loaded the game will automatically select the most suitable layout for your current game window size. May allow support for larger interface sizes in the future.
  • Create 5-6 different interfaces for different playstyles: new players, experienced players, classic (Legacy with NIS), legacy, combat, and social.
Mod Ramen Nex: Angel of Death fixes
  • Boss kill time records will be reset and in future will only be tracked for groups of 7 or less people.
  • Minions will give different colour chat messages when killed so that players can tell which order they were killed in.
  • Icicle will be reduced to having a 20,000 life points but will have lowered defence. Its bleed will be applied straight away.
  • Nex will no longer prevent players from attacking her during phases.
  • When a player dies Nex will no longer become re-aggressive towards a random target.
  • The mage chest will unlock the Praesul Minions' banner overrides for the cape slot.
  • Fixed typo.
  • Nex will no longer hit all players within melee distance when hitting a base tank.
  • Nex will have an additional 500,000 life points.
  • Shadow orbs will hit players in a 1x1 area of them for 2,000 life points, and those in a 2x2 area for 1,000 life points.
  • Drop rates will be multiplied by 7, but each player will have a chance to roll for a rare drop individually so that all players within a group have a chance to receive each item.[3]
Mod Deg Quest involving optional co-operative play.


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