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Tales of Pride is a mini-event that can be started by speaking with The Curator in Burthorpe. The player must collect various tales from characters of Gielinor's LGBTQIA+ community.

Upon completion and returning to The Curator, the player will be awarded the Banner of Pride and Pride gators cosmetic override.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Starting out[edit | edit source]

The Curator chathead.png

Talk to The Curator in Burthorpe about "diverse stories". He gives you a collection of stories which is used to track the progress through the event. The stories below may be collected in any order.

Ace at Anthropology[edit | edit source]

Vicendithas chathead.png

This tale concerns Vicendithas, an aromantic asexual dragonkin who plays a pivotal role in saving Gielinor during the events of the Elder Gods quest series.

For members:

For free-to-play players:

The journal recounts Vicendithas thoughts as he studies ilujankan courtship rituals. He also describes his own confusion after being presented a gift in line with these rituals by one of them.

Love Letter[edit | edit source]

Armadyl chathead.png

This tale concerns Armadyl, the Lord of Justice and a male gay aviansie from Abbinah.

This letter is written to Armadyl from his second husband Obi'Sooth. The letter conveys deep love for Armadyl and an intense longing to be reunited, however, "Obi" understands that as a god, Armadyl is very busy fulfilling his godly duties. The letter is full of endearing quips towards Armadyl, such as his goofy inability to dance and his unmatched talent for neglecting garden plants. Despite Armadyl's intimidating status and persona as a god, years of intimacy have given Obi extensive knowledge of Armadyl's true, loving, caring, and slightly mischievous personality, which is recounted throughout the letter. Finally, Obi details his feelings of delight when he watches Armadyl speak about his children, Ra'ath and Tepras, and his family, Obi praises Armadyl for being such a loving father and introduces the idea that the couple should adopt once the war is over.

Family Matters[edit | edit source]

Caelyn Kadaan chathead.png

This tale concerns Annette and Caelyn Kadaan, a lesbian couple who are the primary characters in Heartstealer.

  • Go to Edgeville, and climb to the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the house north of the Edgeville Bank.
  • Talk to either of the characters and choose "[See what's upsetting Annette]".

This conversation is about Annette's father reaching out to her asking to visit her and Caelyn for the first time since the couple met in Annette's family's vault. The letter tells them that her father had always known and has wanted to meet Caelyn, but Annette talks about her mother not being as accepting and whether she would join her husband. They also talk about the arranged marriage to a Lord Clutterbuck that Annette ran from when she left with Caelyn.

What's in a Name?[edit | edit source]

Angof chathead.png

This tale concerns Angof, a transgender elven woman from Tarddiad who features in The Light Within.

For members:

  • Go to the World Gate, but do not go through it
  • Just to the north-east stands Angof and on the ground near her is the book list of names.
  • Pick up the book and read it.

For free-to-play players:

Speaking with Angof reveals that the list was created by her and her husband, Maldwyn, as they brainstormed potential names for Angof, prior to her transition. She recalls how she struggled to choose a name that accurately suited her personality and identity. Some names sounded nice, but didn't quite fit. When questioned about the name "Atgof", she will explain that Maldwyn suggested it because it means "memory" and she was his happiest memory. With a brokenhearted expression on her face, she will explain that she chose Angof as it is more appropriate. All alone on Tarddiad after Seren's departure, coupled with the loss of her husband to the crystal shapeshifters, it is presumed she decided on "Angof" which is Welsh for "forgotten".

Good Dogs[edit | edit source]

Greg (werewolf) chathead.png

This tale concerns Ed and Greg, who are a gay werewolf couple. Greg guards the Paterdomus mausoleum gate and both characters appeared in the 2021 Hallowe'en event.

Greg's journal describes his and Ed's disaster-filled first date.

Butterflies[edit | edit source]

Zanik (Nomad's Elegy) chathead.png

This tale concerns Zanik, who is bisexual and features heavily in the Dorgeshuun quest series.

  • Go to Lumbridge and climb down the trapdoor in the castle kitchen.
  • Pick up Zanik's journal just to the north and read it.

Zanik's journal describes one of her expeditions to the surface world. She describes her excitement at the new world around her and her confusion around her budding feelings for Millie and for the Adventurer.

A Thoughtful Gift[edit | edit source]

Runestax chathead.png

This tale concerns Achietties and Runestax, a couple from Burthorpe and Taverley respectively. Achietties features in the Heroes' Quest and mans the gate of the Heroes' Guild. Runestax featured in the Tribute to Guthix event.

The conversation between the two has a flustered Runestax patching up an injury for Achietties while scolding her for putting herself in danger by climbing Trollweiss Mountain. Achietties reveals she'd done so to get Runestax a trollweiss flower and promises they can take a safer route together next time.

Finishing up[edit | edit source]

The Curator chathead.png

Once all the stories have been collected, return to The Curator in Burthorpe to collect your rewards.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 20 June 2022 (Update):
    • The Pride mini-event can now be played on free-to-play worlds.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Ace at Anthropology" is a pun on the word ace, a slang term for "asexual".
  • During the first week of release the event was unable to be played as a free-to-play player. This was changed a week later to include more players.