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RuneFest 2018 was the eighth annual RuneScape convention. It took place at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre on the 5 and 6 October 2018, and was announced on 30 April 2018. [1] An official app was released to help promote navigation for the event. It had a Rellekka theme. [2]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Venue[edit | edit source]

RuneFest 2018 is the first RuneFest to be held outside of London, this year taking place in Farnborough, at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre (Show Centre, ETPS Road, Farnborough, GU14 6FD). The venue offers 3,500 on-site parking spaces.

Tickets[edit | edit source]

Tickets went on sale on 22 May.[3] A limited number of reduced price early bird tickets were available, selling out within hours.

Unlike previous years, the price for The Night Before party ticket (this year known as RuneScape Live) was included in the main RuneFest ticket. [4]

Type Price
Early Bird £135 plus booking fee
Standard £150 plus booking fee

RuneScape Live[edit | edit source]

Known as The Night Before party in previous years, this year the event was named RuneScape Live, an orchestral event featuring the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. Doors opened at 6:00pm on the 5 October, with the event ending at 11:00pm. Bars and a LAN room were open to attendees.

Act I[edit | edit source]

A closeup of the RuneScape Live stage with the orchestra's instruments
The cast and crew of RuneScape Live

RuneScape Live was narrated by Mod Mark and was a story about a player from RuneScape and a player from Old School RuneScape both playing the same quest on stage in their respective game. Scenes were alternated with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra playing RuneScape music tracks.

Their first task was to gain 4,000 Runecrafting experience. The RuneScape player went to Runespan and used an experience lamp to gain the experience while the Old School player was running to and from an Runecrafting altar to get rune essences.

Both players then needed to gain one level in Dungeoneering. But since Dungeoneering does not exist in Old School, that player came to RuneScape to play a floor of Daemonheim where they were joined by a leecher. At the end of the floor they gained several levels and the RuneScape player gaining level 107 leading to a short discussion what happened to 99 being the max.

The next task was to kill a hero in the Wilderness. The RuneScape player reluctantly agreed and both went to the Wilderness. However they couldn't find a player to kill so they switch to Old School.

The Old School player tricked the RuneScape player into withdrawing their Staff of Sliske while being on a PvP world. The Old School player killed the RuneScape player.

The Old School player then continued playing the quest while skipping the dialogue. The boss spawned and the RuneScape player respawned. However neither knew how to defeat the boss. After trying to fight with it they were transported to the real world by the boss. They arrived outside the Jagex offices and the act ended.

Act II[edit | edit source]

The players explore the Jagex offices to try to find clues on how to defeat the boss. They met RuneScape Classic's Bearded Lady on the way, who helped teleport the players back into their realm.

The next task was to consult the gods. The players encounter Saradomin and Zamorak (in the form of puppets), who directed them to "The Big Z". The players thought that the clue was pointless, before hearing a crowd coming towards them, and realising that the "The Big Z" turns out to be Zezima, one of the most famous players in RuneScape.

Main event[edit | edit source]

The screen for the Opening Ceremony

The main event started at 10:45am on Saturday 6 October 2018, and finished at 23:30 the same day. The main stage was streamed live on RuneScape's Twitch channel. The Panel (secondary) stage was recorded and uploaded later on the RuneScape YouTube channel.[5]

All players could unlock the livestream version of the Drinking horn by talking to Diango during the event.

Goodie bag[edit | edit source]

The goodie bag contents.
A normal and VIP wristband.

Attendees received a goodie bag at the event, containing:

Each attendee received a wristband to be allowed entry into the venue. There were also VIP wristbands and blue wristbands for streamers.

Revealed future updates[edit | edit source]

RuneScape[edit | edit source]

Old School RuneScape[edit | edit source]

  • Kebos Lowlands
    • The Forsaken Tower quest
    • The Ascent of Arceuus quest
    • Farming Guild
    • Brimstone area
      • New Slayer Master - Konar
      • Volcanic Slayer Dungeon
        • Sulphur Lizards
        • Wyverns
        • Drakes
        • Hydras
        • Alchemical Hydra - Boss
    • Achievement Diary
  • Bounty Hunter rework
  • PVP All Stars Championship
  • New Skill - Warding
  • Song Of The Elves quest
    • Access to Prifddinas
      • Skilling boss

Schedule[edit | edit source]

All times are written in British Summer Time (BST).

Main stage[edit | edit source]

Panel room[edit | edit source]

The Fremennik Trials cards[edit | edit source]

Unlike previous RuneFests (where skilling chips were collected), attendees collected The Fremennik Trials cards. Once all 7 cards were collected, attendees could get their photo taken to receive a photo card.

Other activities[edit | edit source]

  • Mobile beta
  • Mining and Smithing rework preview
  • Jagex recruitment team
  • Art area - Jagex lanyards and 3D printed God tokens could be received from Mod Alex or Mod Fenix
  • Charities
  • Photo booth
  • LAN room
Lanyard & 3D Printed God tokens.

Player moderators[edit | edit source]

Player and forum moderators could receive a keyring and skillchip at the player moderator meeting.

Merchandise[edit | edit source]

Item Price Image
Dragonhead Pendant - RuneFest £15 RuneFest 2018 Dragonhead Pendant.png
Tim & Crunchie Mug £10 RuneFest 2018 Tim & Crunchie Mug.png
Tim & Crunchie Desk Mat £25 RuneFest 2018 Tim & Crunchie Desk Mat.png
Plague's End Desk Mat £25 RuneFest 2018 Plague's End Desk Mat.jpg
Vorkath Desk Mat £25 RuneFest 2018 Vorkath Desk Mat.png
RuneScape: The Orchestral Collection Double CD £13 RuneFest 2018 RuneScape The Orchestral Collection Double CD.jpg
RuneScape: Original Soundtrack Classics Double CD £13 RuneFest 2018 RuneScape Original Soundtrack Classics Double CD.jpg
Party Hats £6 RuneFest 2018 Party Hats.png
Beanie - RuneFest £14 RuneFest 2018 Beanie.png
Event Tee & CD Bundle £30 RuneFest 2018 Event Tee & CD Bundle.png
RuneScape Live 2018 Tee £18 RuneFest 2018 RuneScape Live 2018 Tee.png
RuneFest 2018 Tee £18 RuneFest 2018 Tee.png
Ltd Edition Mr Mammal Tee £18 RuneFest 2018 Mr Mammal Tee.png
Ltd Edition MMORPGRS Tee £18 RuneFest 2018 MMORPGRS Tee.png
Ltd Edition Faux Tee £18 RuneFest 2018 Faux Tee.png
Ltd Edition Boaty Tee £18 RuneFest 2018 Boaty Tee.png
Zuk Tee £20 RuneFest 2018 Zuk Tee.jpg
Zilyana Tee £20 RuneFest 2018 Zilyana Tee.jpg
Zaros Godsword Tee £20 RuneFest 2018 Zaros Godsword Tee.jpg
DFS Tee £20 RuneFest 2018 DFS Tee.jpg
Elvarg's First Victim Tee £20 RuneFest 2018 Elvarg's First Victim Tee.jpg
Hoodie - RuneFest £28 RuneFest 2018 Hoodie.png
Ltd Edition Dagannoth Kings Set of 3 Pins £22 RuneFest 2018 Dagannoth Kings 3 Pins.png
Ltd Edition Baby Baroo Pin £8 RuneFest 2018 Baby Baroo Pin.png
Jad Pin £10 RuneFest 2018 Jad Pin.png
Vorkath Pin £10 RuneFest 2018 Vorkath Pin.png
Effigy Pin £10 RuneFest 2018 Effigy Pin.png
Zuk Keyring £11 RuneFest 2018 Zuk Keyring.png
Great Olm Keyring £11 RuneFest 2018 Great Olm Keyring.png
Twisted Bow 3D Keyring £11 RuneFest 2018 Twisted Bow Keyring.png
Scythe of Vitur 3D Keyring £11 RuneFest 2018 Scythe of Vitur Keyring.png
Sanguinesti Staff 3D Keyring £11 RuneFest 2018 Sanguinesti Staff Keyring.png
OSRS Saradomin Godsword Keyring £10 RuneFest 2018 OSRS Saradomin Godsword Keyring.jpg
OSRS Armadyl Godsword Keyring £10 RuneFest 2018 OSRS Armadyl Godsword Keyring.jpg
Helm of Neitiznot Keyring £11 RuneFest 2018 Helm of Neitiznot Keyring.png
Music Cape Keyring £10 RuneFest 2018 Music Cape Keyring.png
OG Max Cape Keyring £10 RuneFest 2018 Max Cape Keyring.png
Comp Cape Keyring £10 RuneFest 2018 Comp Cape Keyring.png
Trimmed Comp Cape Keyring £10 RuneFest 2018 Trimmed Comp Cape Keyring.jpg
3D Beer Keg Keyring £12 RuneFest 2018 Beer Keg Keyring.png
Archer's Ring 3D Bottle Opener Keyring £12 RuneFest 2018 Archer's Ring Bottle Opener Keyring.png
Berserker Ring 3D Bottle Opener Keyring £12 RuneFest 2018 Berserker Ring Bottle Opener Keyring.png
Seer's Ring 3D Bottle Opener Keyring £12 RuneFest 2018 Seer's Ring Bottle Opener Keyring.jpg
Warrior's Ring 3D Bottle Opener Keyring £12 RuneFest 2018 Warrior's Ring Bottle Opener Keyring.png
Angels Scapes Mystery Bag £20 RuneFest 2018 Angels Scapes Mystery Bag.png

Application[edit | edit source]

An application, based on Guidebook Inc's event application infrastructure, was created to help attendees navigate around RuneFest 2018.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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