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A Fowl Easter was the 2012 Easter event. It is based on a typical Easter egg hunt with a RuneScape twist. The player can join either the Chocatrice's team and/or the Evil Chicken's team and hunt five eggs that spawn in random locations.

According to the Chocatrice the Easter Bunny has fallen down White Wolf Mountain and is unfit for duty because he crushed his big toe with a rock tied to his foot. If you talk to the Evil Chicken you will hear that he has fallen into a pit of lava. He has, however, already hidden five magic eggs around Gielinor (two of which are in members-only areas). In Varrock Square, the Evil Chicken and Chocatrice (from the 2007 Easter event) are having a showdown. The Chocatrice wants to turn the chicks inside the eggs into chocolate while the Evil Chicken wants to turn them into drumsticks.

The player must help them by finding the eggs, then cracking them and shooting the chick with the eggsterminator cannon. You can either shoot a chick with a Scotch egg (in aid of the Evil Chicken) or you can fire a marshmallow (in aid of the Chocatrice). This cannon either turns them into drumsticks or chocolate treats. Both can be eaten or given to respectively the Evil Chicken or the Chocatrice.

If 3 treats are brought to the right creature (i.e. 3 chocolate treats to the Chocatrice or 3 drumsticks to the Evil Chicken), the player receives a Chocolate egg on face mask, which turns the head of the player into a chocolate egg with a ribbon around it when worn or an Egg on face mask, which covers the top of the head and has a fried egg covering the player's right eye. The mask received depends on the side that is chosen. Players who help the Chocatrice receive the chocolate version while players who help the Evil Chicken receive the regular version. You may receive both.

A player cracking an egg

Neither helmet has a special emote that can be used when worn but when shot by the Eggsterminator by another player, each mask has a different secret emote where the avatar spins round as they are hit.

Every 2 hours or so new eggs will spawn in new places. A pile of rubble is seen at old locations.

Players must speak to the Evil Chicken or the Chocatrice at the start of each wave to take part. If they do not, the player will not be able to crack the eggs.

Blasting a chocochick into a Chocotreat

Rewards[edit | edit source]

All Players[edit | edit source]

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Chocolate egg on face mask equipped.png

For giving either of the hosts 3 of their respective treats, one is awarded a mask, either the egg on face mask, if they gave three evil drumsticks to Evil Chicken, or the chocolate egg on face mask if they gave three chocotreats to Chocatrice.

You can obtain both the egg on face and chocolate egg on face masks by completing the egg hunts for both the Chocatrice and the Evil Chicken.

Any Easter emotes you have not previously unlocked will also be unlocked upon completion of either the Chocatrice's or Evil Chicken's task.

Members Only[edit | edit source]

For finding all five eggs in one hunt, the player will receive an Easter lamp, giving a lamp granting 10x the level experience in any skill (eg. level 20 gives 200 experience).

For finding all five eggs in one hunt three times, the player was able to keep the Eggsterminator after the 2012 Easter event was over. You may still receive Easter Lamps after you have completed the event.

Possible Locations[edit | edit source]

Where there is a circle of rubble (as you will see after "The shattered remains of the egg disappear" after you splatter the chick), it's a location for other hunts.

P2P (Members)[edit | edit source]

F2P (Non-Members)[edit | edit source]

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Update history[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When a new hunt started, a yellow chatbox message displayed "News: A new Easter Egg Hunt has begun! Speak with the Evil Chicken or Chocatrice in Varrock Square to start it".
  • When a hunt ended, a yellow chatbox message displayed "News: The Easter Egg Hunt has ended! A new one will commence shortly".
  • Upon its release in World 2, there was a small glitch on the first wave that somehow caused certain players to not receive the eggsterminator after it said they had received one. Talking to the Chocatrice or Evil Chicken afterwards, they acted as if the player already had one in their inventory. If the player went to another world however, they would receive another one.
  • The 2012 Easter event seems to be the first holiday event in many years which doesn't have an unlockable emote; if players don't have the emotes for Easter, it unlocks them.
  • Unlike past holiday events, the 2012 Easter event cannot be seen on the in-game quest menu.
  • There was a glitch that when players used the splatter option with another player and then quickly used the emote Seal of Approval, the seal would stretch. This was patched within the last hour of Wave 4. Now if players try to do it, it will say 'You're already doing an emote'.
  • When targeting attackable NPCs it will say 'The Eggsterminator can only target cute little chicks and other players'.
  • When players use a bucket on the west side of the Varrock fountain, they receive a normal bucket of water despite the water appearing to be chocolate, and clay becomes wet clay in the normal fashion.
  • It is impossible to get a permanent Eggsterminator in F2P because players need to get all 5 eggs in at least 3 waves. Since there are at least 2 spots that are in member's areas in each wave, F2P players are unable to complete it. So therefore the Eggsterminator is actually a members-only item and when in a F2P world, the Eggsterminator says Members Item.
  • If players use the chocotreat on the Evil Chicken, it will state "Eurgh - disgusting! Do you know that chocolate is my one weakness?"
  • If players use the evil drumstick on the Chocatrice, it will say "Keep that fowl leg away from me." playing on the word "foul".
  • During the eggsterminator reload, you cannot shoot. If you try to, the text "You can't fire the eggsterminator whilst doing an emote" appears.
  • The chick that spawns is not the same as the chick that is part of the eggs explosion animation.
  • Whether a chick or a chocochick appears depends on the attack style of the eggsterminator when the egg was hit, but both can be turned into both types of food (by resetting the attack style if needed).
  • There was a glitch when a player had finished the 2012 Easter event while wielding the eggsterminator. Once players had finished all 3 hunts and got a "permanent eggsterminator", their eggsterminator would be placed in their inventory but they would still have the option to "Splatter" other players without having the eggsterminator wielded. This has not been patched.
  • The Easter banners in Varrock Square resembled the Brazilian flag.
  • If you used the egg on face mask on the chocatrice, it stated "The eggs used to make that mask aren't even free-ranged. Or so I've heard." If used on the Evil Chicken it will state "That mask is *entirely* homemade. *bwaaak* "
  • If you used the chocolate egg on face mask on the Evil chicken, it stated "That mask is unflattering and makes you look fat." If you use it on the chocatrice, he will say "In that mask you look scrumptious. Truly delicious.".