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The 2011 Thanksgiving event (also known as Turkey Protest) was the holiday event released on 22 November along with a new look for the website. The event was first mentioned in the November 2011 Behind the Scenes.

There were also a large amount of level 5 Angry Turkeys gathered outside the north-west entrance of Falador. The turkeys dropped bones and either a Raw turkey or a Raw turkey drumstick. They also dropped Cornucopias as a rare drop.

Official description[edit | edit source]

If Thanksgiving is about giving thanks, Captain Turkerton has found it to be anything but. Each year, the plumpest of his friends and family have been whisked away to be killed, eaten and unceremoniously stuffed in sandwiches. This year it stops: he has drawn a line in the sand, and he has blockaded the Cooks’ Guild. The list of demands is short: have a Thanksgiving feast without turkey on the menu. The question is: can you persuade King Roald that a Thanksgiving feast without poultry will be anything but a turkey?

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The Protest[edit | edit source]

To start the event, players had to talk to Captain Turkerton in the Cooks' Guild. Turkerton wanted turkeys to be removed from the Thanksgiving menu and asked you to go to King Roald, located on the ground floor of Varrock Palace.

The Shopping List[edit | edit source]

Go to King Roald and he will give you a shopping list to get supplies for an Alternative Thanksgiving Feast Shopping List. The list will contain all the ingredients required for an alternative meal:

Speak to the people above to have the supplies delivered to the king, bringing the shopping list to do so. Then speak to King Roald. He will tell you to tell the turkeys that "the turkey protest demands have been met".

After you complete this section, the shopping list will be destroyed.

The Arrest[edit | edit source]

A Varrock guard comes to arrest Sir Turkerton

Return to Captain Turkerton, he will reward you with the turkey crest and the Give Thanks emote (if not already unlocked). A Guard will then approach to arrest the Captain - the Captain will be executed for plotting against the Crown, unless someone will speak in his defence. You will have to choose to vouch for him or not.

  • If you choose to vouch for him, the guard will mention that he's a vegetarian and tells the player that he'll come up with an excuse for the turkeys escape.
  • If you choose not to vouch for him, the guard will escort the turkey into the Cooking Guild and stab him, presumably to become turkey dinner.

Finally, Mackers will approach you and, if you are a member, ask to come along with you. If you are a free player he will take farewell and search the world for cake.

Event Complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Turkey Protest reward.png

Audio options icon.png
Thanksgiving event completed!
  • Give Thanks emote, if not previously unlocked.
  • Thanksgiving crest available when customising the herald cape.
    • Enhanced Give Thanks emote when the herald cape is worn with a Turkey crest on it.
  • Mackers, a turkey pet. (members only)

Update history[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When the event was first released, some players could not get the check mark from the shopkeeper in the Varrock general store. However if they were to talk to the assistant, they would get the check mark for the shopping list and be able to continue the quest.
  • When the turkeys are promised cake and do not receive any, it could possibly be a reference to a well-known meme, "The cake is a lie," from the game Portal.
  • It is possible that cake is a reference to a phrase commonly related to Marie Antoinette ("Let them eat cake") during the French Revolution.
  • It was revealed in a post on the official Runescape Facebook page that less than 10% of players chose not to vouch for Captain Turkerton, and that 22,408 players selected the turkey dinner ending.[1]
  • The protests may be an allusion to the Occupy movement.
  • Any players who obtained turkey drumsticks or turkeys kept them in their bank after the event had finished although these items are now discontinued.
  • Even after the event ended, the icon still appeared when clicking the NPCs.

References[edit | edit source]