2018 Christmas event

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The 2018 Christmas event is the Christmas event for 2018. It consists of many different activities, including skill training activities, a giant Christmas cracker at the Grand Exchange, and a new permanent quest, Violet is Blue.

On the morning of 25 December, players were broadcasted with the following message:
Jagex moderator crown.png [System]: Merry Wintumber from us here at RuneScape! Have yourselves the most incredible day!

When logging in during 25 December, players would be greeted with the following message:
Merry Wintumber from the RuneScape team!

Violet is Blue[edit | edit source]

During the event a Land of Snow portal could be entered in Varrock's Grand Exchange to teleport to the starting point of the quest.

Other activities[edit | edit source]

Christmas Advent Calendar[edit | edit source]

Winter Weekends[edit | edit source]

Christmas Advent-ure[edit | edit source]

A new section, Christmas Advent-ure 2018, appeared on the official forums a new section, revealing a new task for players to complete daily from 1 to 25 December 2018 for various rewards.

Festive aura[edit | edit source]

Snowboards[edit | edit source]

Snowboards could be worn during the event, starting from 1 December.

Giant Christmas cracker[edit | edit source]

A giant Christmas cracker can be found at the north-eastern section of the Grand Exchange. Players may add Christmas cracker paper to it for Construction experience. If the player has added at least 100 sheets of paper, a Christmas cracker crate can be obtained after looting a completed cracker. A maximum of 15,000 sheets of paper can be added to the cracker per cycle.

The following message was shown upon login during the duration of the Christmas event:
Game announcement.png Help Santa build his giant Christmas cracker at the Grand Exchange so that it can be opened for rewards!

Santa's sleigh[edit | edit source]

Santa along with his sleigh can be found at the north-western section of the Grand Exchange. Players may interact with the sleigh to gain Runecrafting or Summoning experience.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 7 January 2019 (Update):
    • The temporary Christmas event content has now been removed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is a glitch with this snow background, the glitch is more noticeable on Windows 10, where hover preview for minimized windows enabled. If the game client is in a maximized in a not full screen state and if a noticeable amount of thick snow is accumulated in the console, if the window is minimized with the dev console open, and after a few seconds opened up again the glitch occurs. The glitch is due to the fact that the initial frame rendered is the small hover preview, which has less pixel resolution. After the actual frame starts the player will notice that only half of the console is filled with snow horizontally, the other half looks as if the console has just opened. The two half will have different snow accumulations happening simultaneously.  
  • As during the previous Christmas events, various bosses, other characters, and scenery received cosmetic Santa hats and other decorations on 17 December 2018. Some of the boss monsters released during the year, including Astellarn, the black stone dragon, Seiryu, Solak, and Verak Lith, also received the decorations. Unlike the previous year, Chaos Elemental and flying jellyfish did not have hats, but Akrisae the Doomed and Nex did once again.
  • Heralds advertised the return of Santa Claus near most of the lodestones.
  • On 17 December 2018 a bug caused a player to teleport to an island when using the Prifddinas holiday portal. This bug has since been fixed.
  • Unlike previous Christmas events, this Christmas event quest has no items as rewards, the rewards as stated in this article is a title and 1 quest point.  
  • Unlike the prismatic stars obtainable via treasure hunter or oddments store, the bonus xp stars obtained from the Christmas loot chests do not allow f2p players to increase their bonus xp pool in p2p skills. The prismatic stars obtained from the earlier two methods do allow f2p players in increasing their bonus xp pool in p2p skills, even after lvl 5 in those p2p skills.