2009 and 2010 Thanksgiving event

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A player hitting very high without equipment during the 2010 event

The 2009 and 2010 Thanksgiving event was a holiday event that was used in both 2009 and 2010. Both events were exactly the same. It was released on 23 November 2009 and again on 24 November 2010 for both members and non-members. The event was silently released, being added in-game and to the Knowledge Base without being announced on the homepage.[1] The requirements or rewards were never fully revealed to the player at the time of release. This is contrary to most other Holiday quests. The event may only be completed once. So if a player finished it in 2009, they could not repeat it in 2010; the cook's brother will simply thank the player for the previous year's help.

This Holiday event is unique in the fact that it's revealed to players in 5 parts.

Event Details[edit | edit source]

To start the event, talk to the Cook's Brother in the Lumbridge Castle kitchen. He explains that the cooks have been feeding special food to the turkeys to make them lean and more tasty, but this has made them stronger and more aggressive, and the turkeys have now formed an army to resist being roasted.

A player hitting high damage against a turkey in 2009 (note that this could be anywhere from 1,990 to 1,999 in LP terms)

The Cook's Brother shall then, if the player wishes, teleport the player to a previously unused field north of Lumbridge, next to the Windmill. The Cook's Brother then hands the player the Fabled Gravy of Turkey Slaying (which he claims came from the "Gravy Boat of Saradomin"), which he was hoping to save for the supposed "turkey apocalypse", which is possibly occurring now.

Once inside the field, ten level 138 Turkeys will need to be killed. Due to the effects of the fabled gravy, players can hit up to 1990 damage (without a Special Attack) on the turkeys and almost never take damage, regardless of stats or equipment. No experience is given for damaging the turkeys, unless you are using Magic. The burial of bones will give Prayer experience.

Once the turkeys have been defeated, the player will be returned to Lumbridge Castle kitchen, where the Cook's Brother will thank them for saving Thanksgiving, and players who have not yet unlocked the Give Thanks emote will unlock it. If they have unlocked the emote already, they will only receive a message that reads, "Your heroic efforts in battle against the turkeys have made you feel at-one with your inner turkey. Congratulations!"

A player performing Give Thanks emote

Cryptic Clue Fest[edit | edit source]

There was also a Cryptic Clue Fest, a special clue-seeker event that was held around Thanksgiving weekend on both the forums and in-game. This event ran from 26 November 2009 until the next week. Every day, two new clues were released:

An NPC clue, telling which NPC players needed to talk to; the NPC clues were revealed by the NPCs that take part in the event (Lachtopher, for example).

An item clue, telling which items players needed to bring to the NPC; the item clues were released on the official RuneScape forums by Jagex Moderators.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

For the Turkey Thanksgiving event:

  • The Give Thanks emote, if the player did not previously unlock it.

For the Cryptic Clue Fest:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The weapon a player chooses does not change their max hit on the turkeys. This is why throwing knives and darts are popular choices as weapons since they deal damage rapidly.
  • The Cook's Brother will shout phrases such as 'Mop up the gravy!' and 'What a poultry defence!' and 'That one will be a sandwich' each time the player kills one of the turkeys. Each phrase is tied to the number of turkeys killed so far, so if you start again, they will be in the same order.
  • You cannot enter the turkey field after the event is over.
  • Dying while in the turkey pen will result in a normal death and your gravestone will appear outside the fence.
  • If you log out and still have more turkeys to kill, the next time you log in you will appear outside the fence and have to start over killing the turkeys. You must also start over if you leave the field during the fight or die while fighting a turkey.
  • The highest hit is 1,990 and cannot exceed this, unless you have Void Knight armour equipped. All players, regardless of their combat level or worn equipment, have the potential to hit 1,990.
    • However, it is possible to hit over 2,000 using the damage boost from void knight armour.
  • If you try opening the pen you kill the turkeys in (north-west of Fred the Farmer's Farm) it won't open. instead it'll say "There is a note stuck to the gate. It reads: The Turkey Army has been vanquished! All hail (Player's name) for their valiant efforts!"
  • You cannot set up a cannon in the field; the ground is too soft. You also cannot set up cannons in grassy areas.
  • A turkey's combat level is 138 with 10,000 life points. Using the normal formula for a combat level gives you a combat level in the mid-200s. However, NPC combat levels take into effect bonuses and minuses. A turkey could have a Defence bonus of -445 with 10,000 life points and have 138 combat.

References[edit | edit source]

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