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Easter events are seasonal events that have taken place around every Easter since 2002. Since 2005, most of them have involved the Easter Bunny; other NPCs have also been involved. Each event had rewards; these take the form of items and emotes. Some of the Easter events have allowed the player to unlock all prior events' emotes. Starting in 2021 the Easter events were replaced by the Spring Festival events.

List of Easter events[edit | edit source]

Event Lead NPCs Rewards
2002 Easter event N/A
2003 Easter event N/A
2005 Easter event Easter Bunny (2005)
2006 Easter event Easter Bunny (Harvey)
Easter Bird
2007 Easter event Easter Bunny (Harvey)
2008 Easter event Easter Bunny (Harvey)
2009: Splitting Heirs Easter Bunny (Harvey)
Easter Bunny (Junior)
2010: Egg-streme Management Easter Bunny (Junior)
2011: Holly and Hawthorn Queen of Sunrise
Queen of Snow
2012: A Fowl Easter Chocatrice
Evil Chicken
The 2013 and 2014 events did not have an Easter theme.
2015: Easter Eggs-periments Easter Bunny (Junior)
2016: Sliske and the Chocolate Factory Sliske
Easter Bunny (Junior)
2017: The Cotton Tales Easter Bunny (Junior)
The 2018 event did not have an Easter theme.
2019: The Guilded Eggstravaganza Easter Bunny (Junior)
2020: Grand Theft Cocoa Easter Bunny (Junior)
Caelyn Kadaan
The Spring Festival replaced the Easter event starting in 2021.