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Easter events are seasonal events that have taken place around every Easter since 2002. Since 2005, most of them have involved the Easter Bunny; other NPCs have also been involved. Each event had rewards; these take the form of items and emotes. Some of the Easter events have allowed the player to unlock all prior events' emotes.

List of Easter events[edit | edit source]

Event Lead NPCs Rewards
2002 Easter event N/A
2003 Easter event N/A
2005 Easter event Easter Bunny (2005)
2006 Easter event Easter Bunny (Harvey)
Easter Bird
2007 Easter event Easter Bunny (Harvey)
2008 Easter event Easter Bunny (Harvey)
2009: Splitting Heirs Easter Bunny (Harvey)
Easter Bunny (Junior)
2010: Egg-streme Management Easter Bunny (Junior)
2011: Holly and Hawthorn Queen of Sunrise
Queen of Snow
2012: A Fowl Easter Chocatrice
Evil Chicken
The 2013 and 2014 events did not have an Easter theme.
2015: Easter Eggs-periments Easter Bunny (Junior)
2016: Sliske and the Chocolate Factory Sliske
Easter Bunny (Junior)
2017: The Cotton Tales Easter Bunny (Junior)
The 2018 event did not have an Easter theme.
2019: The Guilded Eggstravaganza Easter Bunny (Junior)
2020: Grand Theft Cocoa Easter Bunny (Junior)
Caelyn Kadaan
2021: Spring Festival Thaerisk Cemphier