Zombie Outbreak

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The zombie outbreak.

The Zombie Outbreak was an official event released by Jagex with the Reports of Strange Activity at Clan Wars update.[1] The event started on the 23 October and ended on 31 October 2010. It was on at the same time as the 2010 Halloween event.

During the event, zombies and "Infected Jagex Moderators" randomly appeared in the Clan Wars free-for-all portal. The event was on all worlds. As the event progressed, more and more Jagex Moderators became "infected" which increased the amount of zombies in each wave outbreak.[1]

Alpha Base Program[edit | edit source]

A program was created by Jagex called Alpha Base Program.[2] Three Alpha Base Program gatherings were held over the duration of the event. At each gathering players could join together with the surviving Jagex Moderators and fellow zombie hunters to learn zombie survival techniques, as well as go hunting with a larger group.

The three gatherings were on:

  • Monday 25 October - 22:01 UTC
  • Thursday 28 October - 10:00 UTC
  • Sunday 31 October - 19:00 UTC

All Alpha Bases were held at the Jolly Boar Inn in world 30.

The event[edit | edit source]

In the event the player can do 3 tasks:

Zombie hunting[edit | edit source]

Many players were hunting the zombies in the hopes of killing a Jagex Moderator or just for the fun of it. The most commonly taken approach was to join one of the 20 Jagex Clan Chats. This made finding the outbreaks much easier as a Jagex Moderator popped in every now and then to warn players of an incoming attack, giving them time to prepare. Each chat was maintained by a player Moderator.

List of official Clan Chats
  • CrypticHelp
  • HolidayClues
  • Mystery Chat
  • Chattin away
  • Stop N Chat
  • Expert Chat
  • Noisy Chat
  • Comm Chat
  • The Odd Cave
  • chillnchat
  • 1337 Lounge
  • Tip Top Talk
  • Game_Friends
  • Number1 Chat
  • Event Talk
  • Born 2 Talk
  • Laugh N Chat
  • Livelovechat
  • Spooky Chat
  • HelpDeskChat

Jagex Moderators[edit | edit source]

From what was said on the Update page and on the forum thread, it was believed that Jagex Moderators could be killed and infected by the zombies.[2] Once killed in battle, a Jagex Moderator turned into an Infected Jagex Moderator who would bolster the enemy numbers as well as being a formidable fighting force themselves. There were seventeen infected Jagex Moderators with sixteen uninfected. Jagex Moderators would remain safe during the outbreak but could be attacked by an Infected Jagex Moderator once all the zombies were killed. The Jagex Moderator had to kill the Infected Jagex Moderator or become Infected themselves.

Uninfected Infected

Mod Alex L
Mod Timbo
Mod Valkyrie
Mod Nancy
Mod French
Mod Captain
Mod Rockett
Mod Howes

Mod Mark H
Mod Turtle
Mod Karolina
Mod Petal
Mod Edu
Mod Hiisi
Mod Moonie

Mod Crow
Mod Achilles
Mod Ash
Mod Raven
Mod Chihiro
Mod Stacey
Mod Kathy
Mod Lorenzo
Mod Hohbein

Mod Argus
Mod Kat
Mod Poppy
Mod Leeny
Mod Luiz
Mod Jon H
Mod Paul M
Mod Stevew
Mod Max W

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The zombies randomly shouted phrases in unison, such as "Brains!" or "Cabbage...".
  • When all the players entered the free for all portal on 31 October 2010 there was a 30 minute delay causing players to leave.
  • Many players used many items on Infected Jagex Moderators and other zombies in the hope of finding a "cure" to uninfect them. However, there was no cure. The Forums were flooded with people saying which "cures" didn't work.

References[edit | edit source]

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